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Purpose of Training Matrix

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1 Healthcare Facility Training Matrix for Sheltering, Relocation, and Evacuation

2 Purpose of Training Matrix
Guidance of three groups of job positions, cross referenced with sub- competencies Level of training by position Description of sub-competencies

3 Considerations for Staffing Groups and Mission Critical Positions
Target Personnel Individual or groups identified by job responsibility for specified level of training Match position with needs of mission Each facility may adapt as necessary to fit their organization needs

4 Considerations for Staffing Groups and Mission Critical Positions
Administration Emergency Preparedness Team Medical Care (include EMS) Human Services Ancillary – pharmacy, radiology, lab Environmental/Facilities Management Business Office

5 Three Groups & Levels All Staff – Awareness Self study packet
Operations – Knowledge charge nurses, supervisors, managers and director Command staff – Proficiency

6 Levels/Depth of Training
Awareness – a basic level of mastery of competency, able to identify the concept or skill, but relatively limited ability to perform skills without direction & guidance Knowledge – intermediate level of mastery of competency, able to apply and describe the skills Proficiency – advanced level of mastery of the competencies, in which individuals are able to synthesize, critiques or teach skill

7 Recommended Time Commitment
Awareness – self study material, annual update of key concepts Shelter In Place, Relocation, Evacuation Knowledge Curriculum presentation - 30 minutes Orientation to unit resources Scheduled drills or exercise Command – presentation 60 min, drill or exercise 60 minutes with debrief

8 Determination of Mission and Staff Response
Use the Plan and Decision Tree Unit Level Decisions Command Level Decisions Both use the following Urgent / emergent Shelter in Place Relocation Partial or full evacuation

9 Sheltering, Relocation, and Evacuation Decision Tree

10 Review Matrix Questions and Answers

11 Summary Healthcare organization matches job positions with appropriate level of competencies Train staff to appropriate level of competence and sub-competencies Drill and exercise competencies at all levels of organization

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