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Raynham has retained B&S Consultants to assist in determining benefits and mitigation needs. B&S is: Robert J. Birmingham (AICP ret),:Town Administrator.

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1 Raynham has retained B&S Consultants to assist in determining benefits and mitigation needs. B&S is: Robert J. Birmingham (AICP ret),:Town Administrator (Vermont), Town Planner (Stonington CT), Development Director: Foxwoods, Facilities Executive Director: Foxwoods, Land Use Consultant, Realtor, Veteran, Vol Fire Captain (ret), and volunteer committee member. David W. Schweid AICP : Town Planner (Groton, CT, Norwich CT, Exeter, RI) Assistant Planning Director (Foxwoods), Land Use Consultant Scott Hesketh PE: FA Hesketh Associates, Traffic Engineers, licensed in Mass, CT, RI, NY and North Carolina.

2 General Scope of Services Review the Raynham Park proposal for a slot parlor Prepare an impact mitigation study of the proposed slot parlor at Raynham Park for the Town of Raynham as required by statute Using personal knowledge from past experience Review of Raynham Parks proposal for basic planning concerns, including: Traffic, signage, parking, site circulation Storm water management Landscaping Lighting Interviews w/ Town Staff Review of historical data Interviews with regional officials and other towns Reviewing other facilities such as Twin Rivers Work with the Selectmen to identify necessary mitigation measures as they work toward a signed agreement Present findings of study at a public forum prior to referendum to help voters make informed decision



5 World Wide 2.2 Billion People gamble; 1.5 Trillion Dollars America has 566 Casinos in 22 states 42 States have lotteries & 37 racetracks, Indian gaming or other games, Only 2 states have none of it: Utah and Hawaii. Revenues are 55 billion in Direct revenues and up to 125 billion, indirect, (1% of GDP) 350,000 direct jobs & 820,000 indirect jobs. Gaming (Gambling) is here to stay

6 Corporate Entities & Native Tribes Peaking in 2007 New England Casino operations reaped over $3 billion in gross revenues Potential Market estimated (ERA) at $ 6 billion (2008) State and Local governments. Taxes (New Jersey 8%, CT 25% slots) Transfer Payments (0peration payments) Employment Reduced Welfare & health costs Gaming Operators in northeast Private Gaming companies in New York, New Jersey, Penn., Maryland, Rhode Island, Maine. 537 Federally recognized Tribes/100 operate gaming Nationwide.

7 Motoring Public: Changes in traffic patterns. But less so as gaming becomes ubiquitous Towns with unfunded burdens: Emergency Service Providers. Roads, water/sewer Social Service Agencies: Homeless workers & problem gamblers Neighbors: noise, intruders, decreased property values. Low Income Families Gaming in larger percentages that other groups Increasing scarcity of affordable Housing

8 2% - 3% of gamblers are problem gamblers or 6 – 9 million Americans 50 % of Young people gamble in some way. People 65 and older are twice as likely to gamble as compared to others. Areas near casinos experience higher levels of economic decline.

9 The Act itself Sec 2 defines a Category 2 license: no table games and up to 1250 slot machines Sec 11a – Cat 2 minimum investment $125,000,000 w/in 2 years after license; does not include traffic mitigation measures or infrastructure improvements Application must address: Lottery mitigation Compulsive gambling Workforce development Host and surrounding community impact mitigation identify the infrastructure costs of the host and surrounding communities Provide signed agreements between the applicant and the host and surrounding communities Raynham may end up as both A certified and binding vote in favor of the license by the host community

10 Sec 20 Category 2 licenses Only one category 2 license will be issued Sec 55 Daily Tax and Assessment payable by licensees (a) A category 1 licensee shall pay a daily tax of 25 per cent on gross gaming revenues. (b) A category 2 licensee shall pay a daily tax of 40 per cent on gross gaming revenue. (c) In addition to the tax imposed under subsection (b), a category 2 licensee shall pay a daily assessment of 9 per cent of its gross gaming revenue to the Race Horse Development Fund established in section 60. (d) Taxes imposed under this section shall be remitted to the commission by a gaming licensee the day following each day of wagering.

11 Sec 56 – an annual fee for each slot machine of $600 ($600 x 1250 = $750,000 ) is due July 1 st of each year 59 (1) 100 per cent of the revenue received from a category 2 licensee shall be transferred to the Gaming Local Aid Fund Sec 61 The commission shall establish a Community Mitigation fund. The commission shall administer the fund to assist the host community and surrounding communities in offsetting costs related to the construction and operation of a gaming establishment Massachusetts Gaming Commission Regulations On its website, the MGC has posted draft regulations that detail how the Commission will access license applications. For example, after determining that an application is complete, the Commission will hold a public hearing in the host community. 30 to 90 days after closing their hearing, the Commission will grant or deny the license, or grant an extension of the process.

12 License Application Step Earliest Likely DateLatest Likely Date Applicants submission of completed RFA-1 January 15, 2013NA Commission review of completed RFA-1 and release of RFA-2 to qualified applicants May 2013July 2013 Host and Surrounding community agreements executed February 2013 August 2013 (October 2013 for Surrounding Community Agreements) Host community agreements approved by referendum June 2013October 2013 Applicant submission of completed RFA-2; July 2013October 2013 Commission review of completed RFA-2 and selection of licensee(s) July 2013 (review of any early filed applications) December 2013 (award) Category 2 License The Commission has determined that efforts will be made to award a Category 2 (slots only) gaming license prior to the award of Category 1 gaming licenses. The anticipated schedule for the award of a Category 2 license is as follows :

13 1. Agree to be a Lottery sales agent 2. Provide signed Surrounding Communities agreements 3. Capital investment of at least $500 million ($125m Cat 2) 4. Provide signed Impacted Live Entertainment Venues agreements 5. Own or acquire 75 year lease on land 6. Pay nonrefundable application fee of $400,000 7. Meet licensee deposit requirement 8. Comply with state and local building codes and local ordinances and bylaws 9. Ability to pay gaming licensing fees 10. Favorable binding ballot vote in Host Community 11. Address mitigation and impact issues 12. Provide community impact fee to Host Community 13. Identify infrastructure costs to host/surrounding communities and commit to mitigation plan 14. Minority/women/veteran business outreach program 15. Provide signed Host Community Agreement 16. Affirmative action program

14 Infrastructure and Equipment Needs Public Safety (note special requirements re: public safety arrangements) Traffic Impacts Housing Needs School Impacts Impacts on Local Businesses Cross-Marketing (local restaurants, hotels, shops, entertainment venues, etc.) Environmental Impacts Process Costs (elections, town meetings for zoning changes, consultants, publication and mailings, etc.) Local Preferences (jobs, construction contracts, etc.) Design Considerations/Aesthetics

15 Phase 1 Class 2 license application: 1250 slot machines, Ancillary activities Gaming Commission reviews and accepts applicant for phase 2 in June, July or Aug. MGA to award one slot license by the end of 2013.





20 Facilities would open Jan 1, 2014 o First Stabilized Year-2016 Of the seven scenarios analyzed, Scenarios 4 (A) and 5(b) are nearest to the final bill: o Both scenarios assumed one Destination Resort in each of 3 regions. In addition : 4(A) assumed 750 slots at each of 4 racetrack locations 5 (b) assumed only 1,500 total slots (split between two racetrack locations). o Gaming Revenue ranges $1.74 Billion-$2.07 Billion o Total Direct & Indirect job creation between 16,600-19,800TIG Engagement- Key Assumptions/Conclusions

21 FOXWOODS 2007 MOHEGAN SUN 2007 Pd to State fund: $229, 095,455 To est. slot gross X 4 = 916,318,780 + 25%= 1.2 Bi Total Gross Over Foxwoods pd toState:2012 $165,547,090 X4 + 25% = 882,917,843 or net -27% Pd to State Fund: $201,580,751 Est. Gross X 4 = 806,121,028 + 25% = 1.1 Bl 2.3 Billion in 2007 2012 Sun pd to State; $178,783,321 X 4 +25% = 953,511,045 or net -12%



24 Casino official blames part of decline on popularity of new Resorts World at New Yorks Aqueduct Slot machine revenues, the main barometer of the local casinos financial health, told a sorry tale in July. At Foxwoods Resorts Casino, the slots win the amount of wagers the casino kept after paying out prizes totaled $51 million, down 15.8 percent when compared to the same month in 2011, the steepest decline since December 2008, when Foxwoods win tumbled 19 percent. Mohegan Suns July win of $60 million was down 10.4 percent. We thought it was going to be a tough month, Scott Butera, Foxwoods president and chief executive officer, said


26 CONNECTICUT Foxwoods: July 2012 $263 Mohegan Sun: July 2012 $327 RHODE ISLAND Twin Rivers 2012: $293 MAINE Bangor 2012: $145 New YORK


28 Phase I: 1250 slot machines installed in existing simulcast club house Renovations to include improved restaurant and offices Demolition of Grandstands Construct 3 access drives and turning lanes Phase 2 & 3: Construct 175,000 sq ft building & move slots New Restaurants and offices New Event Ballroom 2438 Parking spaces




32 Local street crime has not increased, on campus crime has. Wave of embezzlement: town halls to docs offices Employment is declining: Current Foxwoods FTEs about 7500 from 11000 at peak, about same at the Mohegan Sun Gaming has a high employee turn over rate and at Foxwoods about 3000 on average or 10% - 20% of the labor force per year Spin off business serving the drive or primary market has been limited, minimal growth of local business. Low cost Housing is in short supply Gaming is trending to be a ubiquitous activity: slots in bars to on line gaming. Eroding revenues for large casinos. As revenues erode, Gaming Managers will seek to evade local mitigation funds if allowed: Quarterly Revenue will be increasing concern for Gaming Managers & Govt Officials.


34 CERC Inc: Spin Off effect factor : 1.107 non casino Jobs for every Casino Job. State wide spin off Factor:.74 Total 2005 Casino employment: 20220 x 1.1.0 = 42603 total jobs within the County State wide additional jobs: 20220 x.74 = 14963 Total Job Creation: 57,566 (2005) 2012: Estimate 25% - 35% reduction from peak, or about 7,500 – 7,000 employees. High job turn over: Foxwoods Badge numbering now at 80,000; or about 3100 employee departures (turnovers) averaged per year or about 20%.

35 Traffic Review Tasks - Review traffic impact report o Background Data o Site Generated Traffic o Intersection/Roadway analysis - Review proposed off-site improvements - Make recommendations on mitigation - Obtain input from residents




39 B&S met with Traffic/ Site Engineers 4/18 Staff interviews 4/10 – 4/18 Summary report to Selectmen 4/23 Town Counsel 4/23 Additional data gathering 4/25 – 5/17

40 Site infrastructure: Raynham Sanitary Sewer System Collection upgrades, capacity through Phase 3 North Raynham water supply system: loop supply system Provide detailed plans for EIR review & Raynham permitting Building & Site plan with drainage Emergency Services to site 24/7: Road improvements to improve response time between Fire/Police and Track. Fire & Police Duty Station (on site) enhanced communications and detention facility Emergency Medical Services unit. Provide Ambulance & staff support for Raynham Fire Dept. OR Contract with Private provider for 24/7 on site presence

41 Wed 4/24/13Kick- off Forum Mon 4/29/13 to Fri 5/10/13Interview Town Agencies Mon 5/1/13 toFri 5/10/13Interview Regional Agencies Tue 5/7/13 Review Input w/ Selectman Wed 5/1/13Tasks 1-3 (complete) Fri 5/10/13MFR #1 & MFR #2(20hrs) Fri 5/10/13MFR #3, #4(20hrs) Tue 5/17/13Forum #2: Findings & Traffic Report Tues 5/21/13 Finalize Tasks 4, 5, 6 & 7 Tue 6/4/13 Meet W/ Selectmen

42 Your Comments & Questions

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