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Long Term Care Facilities Disaster Preparedness

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1 Long Term Care Facilities Disaster Preparedness
Don Sheldrew MSW, LICSW, NREMT-P Minnesota Department of Health Office of Emergency Preparedness

2 Partnerships and developing relationships ahead of time
How do we get prepared? Planning Ahead Good Planning = Partnerships and developing relationships ahead of time

3 LTC – Who are we talking about?
Skilled Nursing Facility, Nursing Homes, Board and Care, Residential Care Facility, Home Care, Hospice, Others Those who care for vulnerable populations

4 LTC – Who are we talking about?
Range of facilities Commonality of need Diversity of needs Range of resources Range of talent pool

5 Some Concerns Shared Special populations - e.g. Alzheimer's, cognitively impaired, or high fall patients. Staffing Pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies Food and water supplies Generators and fuel supplies

6 Who is responsible during emergencies?
No single answer -Depends on the situation and type of emergency Natural Disaster, Bioterrorism, Pan Flu, Complex Disaster Preparedness = Planning in partnership

7 Continuity of Operations
Continuity of operations considerations Concerns Workforce concerns A. Pan flu – up to a 40% reduction in workforce possible B. Regional or local emergency C. Workforce preparedness = Personal preparedness

8 Workforce Preparedness
Personal preparedness A. Personal and family plans B. Available personal tools C. Is transportation needed to get staff in?

9 Do I Still Need Personnel?
Not enough even after personal plans Who can I ask for help? Where can I get help? Other local providers? Regional providers? Pre-planned partners?

10 Workplace Preparedness
What do I absolutely need to continue service? Power – Utilities / Generators / Fuel Emergent Suppliers or assistance Food – How long can I provide without deliveries? Will I still get deliveries? What deliveries do I absolutely need? Do I have connections with more than one supplier? Water

11 Workplace Preparedness
Durable Medical Equipment What do I need to keep people safe? Where will I get needed non reusable supplies? More than one supplier?

12 Facilities Concerns / Environmental Concerns
Heat Air Conditioning What can I do if one or the other is needed and not available? Blankets, Ice…. Air Filtration

13 Evacuation Where to evacuate to? How to evacuate?
Who will provide the transportation in a large scale event and timing of evacuation? Local Ambulances and bus companies

14 Communications What is my communications system for an immediate call back? How do I communicate with outside entities and agencies? What communications resources do I have? 2-way radios, NOAA, telephone, computers, satellite, ITV, internet…

15 Pre-existing Arrangements
Comes from pre-planning Knowing ahead of time who is already using what resources Having some idea of what to expect Learning and connecting with others who may be the same or be in a position to have or locate needed resources

16 Potential roles during emergencies – recent focus group
Provide basic medical care and short term shelter ? Accept residents from area hospitals? Concerns about acuity and facility staffing Medical storage?

17 Wrap – Up Plan – with local, regional, state partners
Understand your importance in the event of a crisis

18 Wrap – Up The “Plan” is simply a written document
The “Planning” forms relationships and is the crucial element in getting through an event in a more effective manner

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