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Graphing Data on the Coordinate Plane

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1 Graphing Data on the Coordinate Plane

2 Two number lines that intersect at right angles form a coordinate plane.
The horizontal axis is the x-axis and the vertical axis is the y-axis. The axes intersect at the origin and divide the coordinate plane into four quadrants

3 What are the coordinates


5 What quadrant (2,3) (-1,4) (3,-4) (-1,-1)

6 An ordered pair of number identifies the location of a point
These number are the coordinates of the point on the graph In the ordered pair (4,2), the first number 4 is called the x-coordinate (abscissa). The second number 2 in the ordered pair is called the y-coordinate (ordinate).

7 A scatter plot is the graph that relates two group of data.
A Trend line on a scatter plot shows a correlation more clearly

8 Positive correlation - both sets increase together
Negative correlation - one set increases while the other decrease No correlation – data is not related

9 Name the correlation

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