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Germany and the Alpine Countries Switzerland Germany Austria Similarities.

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1 Germany and the Alpine Countries Switzerland Germany Austria Similarities

2 Germany Is roughly the size of Montana Their government is a Federal Republic German is their official language The Danube and Rhine rivers are very important for transportation Capital is Berlin The Ruhr ranks as one of the worlds most productive industrial areas They must import 1/3 of their food Protestant Reformation began here by Martin Luther (priest) Protestants and Catholics are equally represented here Blamed for World War I & World War II Famous composers: Johan Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven Major exports include beer, wine, cheese, and cuckoo clocks made from the timber cut from the Black Forest ACID RAIN has destroyed 34% of the countrys forest, including ½ of the Black Forest Superhighways called autobahns link the cities

3 Black Forest Near the border with France Has been damaged by acid rain & reduced by logging Home to the famous German cuckoo clocks

4 Autobahns No speed limit, but 80 mph is the advisory speed Can also be found in other alpine countries like Austria & Switzerland Began working on the roads in the late 1920s Nazis embraced the idea & used for propaganda Many Russian prisoners of war worked on building the roads

5 Switzerland The Swiss have enjoyed a democratic government for more than 700 years About twice the size of New Jersey Population 7.3 million Languages spoken here are German, French, and Italian Capital is Bern Because of its long stability and practice of neutrality during war time it has become a haven for foreign industry and business The Alps create a continental divide here and several very important rivers begin here such as the Rhine and the Rhone Exports: electronic equipment, clocks, watches, chocolate, cheese, and various chemicals Banking and insurance are very important business here

6 Austria The Alps cover 3/4 of the country Slightly smaller than Maine Government is a federal republic It is one of the most mountainous regions in the world Population 8.2 million 97 people per square mile They speak German Capital is Vienna Export various types of machinery Has a large and valuable timber industry Millions of tourist visit here each year to relax, hike, and ski 80% of its people are Roman Catholic

7 Vienna-Center of the Classical Musical Period ( ) Famous composers who worked in Vienna: Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven (German) & Schubert (Austrian)

8 Similarities Democratic form of government Languages spoken (German) The dependence on their rivers and use hydroelectric power The things they import such as food products The things they export like cheeses, clocks, and machinery Beautiful landscape Famous past composers and musicians Timber industry

9 The Alps mountain range runs through France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein, & Slovenia


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