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To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee                                                   

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1 To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee                                                   

2 Scout Finch Scout Finch (Jean Louise)—Narrator of the story. The story takes place from the time Scout is aged 6 to 9 but she tells the story as an adult. Scout is a tomboy who would rather solve problems with her fist than her head. Throughout the course of the book, Scout comes to a deeper understanding about life around her.

3 Atticus Finch Atticus Finch—father to Jem and Scout. He is a widower.
He is a lawyer and state legislative representative.

4 Jem Finch Jeremy Atticus Finch—older brother to Scout.
Jem is 10 to 13 years old during the course of this story. He is Scout’s protector and best friend. Jem deals with many difficult issues throughout the story.

5 Dill Harris Charles Baker Harris—Jem and Scout’s neighborhood friend. Living in Meridian, MS, Dill spends every summer with his aunt, Miss Rachel Haverford.

6 Tom Robinson The man who is put on trial for raping a white woman.
Atticus defends him in Part 2 of the novel.

7 Boo Radley The mysterious neighbor who lives across the street from the Finches. Helps both Scout and Jem at the end of the novel.

8 Minor Characters The Ewell Family—”White trash” A poor, uneducated family with evil intentions towards Tom Robinson. Mayella Ewell is the woman he is accused of raping. Bob Ewell is the no good, useless father who spends his welfare checks on alcohol instead of helping his family. The Cunningham Family—white and poor, Walter Sr. was a former client of Atticus. He learns a great lesson from Scout.

9 More Characters Calpurnia—The Finch’s housekeeper. She is the closest thing to a mother that Jem and Scout have. Atticus trusts her completely. One of the few African Americans in town who knows how to write and she teaches Scout to write. Miss Maudie Atkinson—one of the most open-minded citizens of Maycomb. Lives across the street from Jem and Scout. She helps the children to better understand their father Atticus.

10 Mockingbird Themes Education—the importance of an education and how society is segregated even within race and ethnicity. Poverty—the Depression of the 1930’s affected the entire South in a dramatic fashion. Ex’s Ewell’s versus the Cunningham’s Prejudice—segregation of the south. Coming of Age—the maturation of both Jem and Scout.

11 Mockingbird Themes Trust—Earning one’s trust and keeping it. The relationship that Atticus has with his children. Racism in the Southern Courts—The real account of the Scottsboro Boys and their unfair and inhumane treatment in the courts is the basis for Harper Lee’s court scene with Tom Robinson.

12 Had early success and won the Pulitzer Prize.
Harper Lee Had early success and won the Pulitzer Prize.

13 Monroeville, Alabama The real Maycomb, AL
The historically accurate town in AL that is the setting for the novel TKAM.

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