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STI SETS 2013-14 For Managers This is the official web site of the Shelby County Board of Education. Any other site that claims to be affiliated with,

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1 STI SETS 2013-14 For Managers This is the official web site of the Shelby County Board of Education. Any other site that claims to be affiliated with, represent or contain information about any Shelby County School is not endorsed by the Shelby County Board of Education. If you leave the official Shelby County Board of Education web site, the Shelby County School District claims no responsibility for the content beyond this point.

2 Your new INOW login and password is now also your SETS login and password. YOU MUST login into INOW one time and change your password before you can get into sets. For those of you who do not use INOW regularly you will only have to do this one time and then never get on INOW again. This program interfaces with INOW which allows personnel to view : SETS cannot change this info. Student & Guardian demographics Entry/withdrawals-8-19-2013 Attendance Discipline Schedules Grade-needs to be correct

3 SELECTING A STUDENT School: Click the drop down arrow and select the school. Status: Usually set it to ALL

4 Status: Click the drop down to select the status you need. ALL: Allows the viewer to see all students with all Special Ed. statuses. ACTIVE: Gives a list of students were are currently receiving services in the Special Ed program. INACTIVE: This status means the student is not getting services currently. Use this status when a child moves or withdraws, is dismissed, not eligible or not accepted. When a student withdraws from SCBOE STISETS will set status to inactive automatically. REFERRED: This status is used when a referral has been requested and started. This is the default status. Make sure this gets changed once a student is eligible. Make sure once a child is eligible he is changed to active.

5 SmithHappy 590111 01/01/.01 3 F Asian ActiveSLD Ima SPED smithh

6 STUDENT FOLDER Remember teachers only have read access You are the only person in the school besides your program specialist that can make changes in the student folder. Teachers cannot. It is critical that dates be filled in in the student folder. Most generate from completed forms. You need to check from time to time to assure that folders are filled in correctly.

7 For CC make sure set to active if receiving services This is what basic tab looks like For CC, make sure set to active, exceptionality listed, LRE correct, and date in SPED listed..

8 Status: All students currently receiving services should be set to active. Many fields are populated automatically when a form is completed. You can hold mouse over a field to see which more information. Teachers MUST complete forms and processes…

9 Since there are only one category now for students not receiving services you must use the drop down EVERY TIME a student becomes inactive and put the reason why they are inactive. See choices below. STUDENT FOLDER STATUS

10 Student exit reason must be entered when student moves or is dismissed from Special Ed. Also the date must be filled in. STUDENT FOLDER STATUS continued

11 As always make sure all fields that should be filled in, get filled in. Make sure if a student is a private school student who gets speech services that the LRE of 5 is listed for LRE. Exceptionality and LRE are critical child count fields so make sure they are filled in correctly. EXCEPTIONALITY/LRE INFORMATION

12 Form Information MOST IMPORTANT DATE: Date in current LEA is needed for Child Count. It MUST be entered manually. Many of these dates generate automatically but check to make sure all data is filled in. (See Initial Eligibility Checklist) If timelines are not met you must use the drop down menus and must fill in the number of days over and why. It is critical that NO ONE goes over the time line. We are monitored on that. If we are late because of waiting to see our psychiatrist it is considered school system error. Please note that now we are looking at 60 days from permission to test received until final evaluation is completed. However, remember that the eligibility must take place with 30 days after the final evaluation.

13 Mediation, Formal Complaint and Due Process drop down are hopefully seldom used. They should be filled in however if that situation ever does happen. Reason for Non-Participation in state Assessments and non-Participation Entry date and Explain Other should not be needed. ALL Shelby Cty students take state assessments that are required. The AAA is a state assessment. NO LONGER ELIGIBLE FOR SPECIAL ED: Must be filled in when student are dismissed. TRANSFER STUDENT: Select in-state or out-of-state for each transfer student. It is important that this be filled in immediately when you get a transfer. *********IMPORTANT********* This shows the Other Tab

14 This information is usually filled in at SSC by testers. It is only filled in for PK students who come from Early Intervention. If Speech tests an EI child it must be filled in as well. Usually done at REM. When you get a preschooler from EI make sure all information is filled in. If not contact Julie Robinson at SSC. PRESCHOOL TAB

15 Gifted Tab Anything pertaining to gifted is handled by Gifted. If a student is special ed. and gifted, Special Ed is ALWAYS primary. If a Sped student is dismissed and is gifted, ALL dates except date in current LEA are removed and gifted is made primary. Or notify me and I will fix the file. Do not make inactive but do fill in exit reason.

16 What it looks like if Sped is dismissed and child remains gifted

17 REMEMBER! It is the case managers responsibility to make sure all data has been filled in. Use the form I will give you to acquire that data if you are not in the REM meeting. On the student folder you are concerned about the basic tab and other tab. If you have preschool you also need to be concerned about the preschool tab. Teachers only have read access to the student folder. You are the only one in school besides the gifted managers that can add or change this information. Also our money for special ed is generated out of the correctness of the information.

18 Change Case Manager When you need to change a one students case manager you can do it through Change case manager, under Student Desktop.


20 This is what will happen. Make sure to hit OK so it will save


22 *************EXTREMELY IMPORTANT**************** If an instate transfers records transfer I will receive an alert. I will fix the file and place it on your sets desktop. I will make you case manager. I will email you so you can change the student to the appropriate case manager. If an instate transfer comes in and no records transfer automatically, DO NOT CREATE A STUDENT FOLDER!! Email me immediately and I can request records. I need to know the system they came from. Might be able to get the records. If I can not I will notify you so you can create the file.

23 Create A Student Folder- only managers and REM chairpersons have ability to do this Click on the + sign by Utilities Desktop Click on Create Student Folder

24 Highlight the name of the desired student and then either double click on student or hit IMPORT TRICK: In this program, put cursor on a field, hit space bar and search and a list will come up. You can put one letter in and get a list as well. Will default to whoever is logged on

25 When this screen comes up, type in case managers name and hit search. Go to bottom of page and hit ok.

26 Once you have selected the case manager the student folder will come up, Hit OK to save it. It will not save unless you do

27 This is what you use to add access to the IEP for related services personnel Go to Utilities, Click on Caseload assignment Click on insert Click on ellipsis Mary Smith

28 When this screen comes up, search for and select staff member. Hit ok.

29 When this screen comes up select relationship from dropdown. Click OK This is what it will look like

30 CAUTION: This is only used if you create a file for the wrong child.

31 MASS CASELOAD ASSIGN Do not fill in lots of fields. Just use Having and Relationship.


33 Search for the student you are seeking. If they are not in INOW, check Not is SIS. Once you find the student, type in archive reason and date. If exited, select a reason for the exit and date. Hit OK. This will remove the student from the case managers user desktop. NOTE: If you check archive while Exiting it will archive for you.

34 Selected Students' Special Education Status will be set to "Inactive." You can sort by previous case manager as well



37 SETS QUERY Sets query is a valuable tool to help you design reports about any fields listed in STISETS. It is not difficult to do but certain categories must be used each time to insure that the data obtained is correct. Your report will display in the order you check the boxes. Make sure for each report you do the following: 1.Set your school at top of page. Name report. Please Note*** Inactive no longer includes archived students unless you check archive.

38 2. Always set your status first thing so you can be assured you are getting only the current students in your reports. In first column check status. Click on the word status and when the screen comes up, select equals to and then active. If you want all students on your school list just check status and do not filter it al all. You can set status to any of the possibilities and receive an existing list. See next slide for a visual of the task.

39 Start with status

40 Please note if you are looking for students who are not active you need to uncheck box on top of SETS QUERY

41 3. Next go to 2 nd column and check IDEA. Click on the word and at next screen select equal to and true.

42 4. Next check last name and first name. 5. Continue to select the categories you want in your report. The choices are endless. If you want to sort by one of the categories you check the category and then click on the word.

43 Sorting Hit OK

44 Once you have listed every category you are seeking, go to top of page and hit run. It may take a few minutes to come up. At the bottom of the SETS query page you should see up to five students information to show what the categories are. The way you enter the categories is how they will print out in the report.

45 Report Formats Xml, HTM, Txt: Choose the format in which the report will be generated. Xml: Used more for trouble-shooting. HTM: This is the default format that generates live reports (double-clicking on any students information from the report preview screen brings up the childs folder for editing/viewing). Txt: Text Format Counts Only: Check this box to generate a report listing totals only.

46 Active/Referred Only: Check this box to generate a report of active and referred students only. If left unchecked, the report will include inactive students also. Archived: This will display only students who have been archived. Run: Click this button to run the report. Counts: Check this box to display counts at the bottom of the screen, based on the criteria selected.

47 Report Name: This text box displays the name of a saved or loaded report. Load: Click here to load a previously saved report. Save: Select this option to save the report. Public: This will allow all users of STISETS to use your saved report Private: This report will only be available to the user that created it. New: Select this option to clear all fields, preparing the screen for a new report.

48 STISETS Query Fields There are three headings that contain text fields and drop- down boxes that may be applied to the report. Student Fields: Student Demographic fields. Select the checkbox to include the information in the report. After selecting a checkbox, you may filter further by clicking on the text next to the checkbox. Folder Fields: Data from student special education folders. Select the checkbox to include this information in the report. After selecting a checkbox, you may filter further by clicking on the text next to the checkbox. Form Fields: Data from student forms. Use to select the field from the report to query data. the drop down box to select the form that you wish to include on the report. Then use the ellipsis button

49 Filter Values Filter Value: Use the lower small box to type in the desired filter value. Some fields will have associated codes that will appear in the upper filter value box for selection. Select Properties for Field: In the box at the left, highlight a desired filter property. None: No filters applied Equal To: Use this property to search for an exact result Not Equal To: Use this property to find items not equal to the specified filter value Less Than: Use this filter to find students with fields less than the specified filter value (such as date fields, age or grade)

50 Less Than or Equal To: Use this filter to find students with fields less than or equal to the filter value (such as date fields, age or grade). Greater Than: Less Than: Use this filter to find students with fields greater than the filter value (such as date fields, age or grade). Greater Than or Equal To: Use this filter to find students with fields greater than or equal to the filter value (such as date fields, age or grade). Example: Use less than and greater than filters to filter a certain age, date, grade or a range of these fields. Filter Values Continued

51 Things to Remember 1.Make sure all teachers are completing forms and processes. 2.Make sure SLPs are letting me know if private or preschool speech do not qualify. 3.Make sure teachers are putting secondary speech, OT & PT under related services. 4.Make sure people are using the correct tab in service box.

52 contact me by email 205-422-4608 If you have questions, feel free to email or call. I am here to help.

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