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Jeopardy Test Review Game

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1 Jeopardy Test Review Game
Plants Jeopardy Test Review Game

2 Gymnosperm and Misc. Info
General Info Parts of Plants More Parts of Plants Gymnosperm and Misc. Info Angiosperm 100 200 300 400 500

3 Name 2 characteristics that all plants share.

4 eukaryotes autotrophs cell wall multicellular

5 Name two differences between vascular and nonvascular plants.

6 Vascular—grow tall, thick cell wall, has vascular tissue, and lives in dry areas Nonvascular—low growing, thin cell wall, doesn’t have vascular tissue, and lives in damp areas

7 In some plants, food is stored inside seed leaves called _________.

8 cotyledons

9 Angiosperms that have seeds with two seed leaves are called ________.

10 dicots

11 Name the 2 different stages in the life cycle of a plant.

12 sporophyte and gametophyte

13 What happens in the xylem?

14 Water moves up from the roots.

15 What happens in the phloem?

16 Food moves down from the leaves.

17 Which of the following is NOT part of the seed. a. stored food b
Which of the following is NOT part of the seed? a. stored food b. embryo c. cotyledon d. fruit

18 d. fruit

19 What part of the woody stem forms rings that indicate a tree’s age?

20 xylem

21 Gases pass in and out of a leaf through the _________.

22 stomata

23 Name 3 functions of a root.

24 anchors the plant, absorbs water, sometimes stores food

25 What is the function of root hairs?

26 absorb water and nutrients

27 What part of the plant protects the root as it grows into the rocky soil?

28 root cap

29 The ______ is the waxy layer that covers the leaves of most plants and helps to retain water.

30 cuticle

31 Which type of plants do not contain a complex system used for transporting water, nutrients, and food through their bodies?

32 Nonvascular plants

33 What is a gymnosperm?

34 a seed plant that produces naked seeds

35 The reproductive structures of most gymnosperms are called ______.

36 cones

37 How are gymnosperms different from angiosperms?

38 Gymnosperms do not produce flowers or fruits.

39 The process by which water evaporates from a plant’s leaves is known as ___________.

40 transpiration

41 A plant’s growth response toward or away from a stimulus is called a(n) _____________.

42 tropism

43 What two things are produced by angiosperms?

44 flowers and fruit

45 Angiosperms that live for more than two years are called __________.

46 perennials

47 Germination will not occur unless a seed __________________.

48 absorbs water

49 As the seeds of an angiosperm develop, the ovary changes into a(n) ______________.

50 fruit

51 Name the male and female reproductive structure of an angiosperm.

52 male—stamen female--pistil

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