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PHRASES There will be a Phrases Quiz on Tuesday, November 5 th. Add this somewhere to the top of your graphic organizer.

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1 PHRASES There will be a Phrases Quiz on Tuesday, November 5 th. Add this somewhere to the top of your graphic organizer.

2 What is a preposition? A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between a noun or a pronoun and another word in the sentence.

3 What is a preposition? Examples: behind the tree beside the tree under the tree in the tree toward the tree past the tree above the tree inside the tree alongside the tree

4 What is a preposition? Your Writing Coach textbook lists prepositions on pages 346 and 347. (You should write that down on your graphic organizer somewhere.)

5 What is a prepositional phrase? A prepositional phrase includes a preposition, a noun or pronoun called the object, and any modifiers of that object. Example: among the students

6 Remember the To Rule If to is followed by a noun or a pronoun, it is a preposition. Example: He went to the gala. If "to" is followed by a verb, it is an infinitive. Example: He went [to get] his date.

7 Prepositions vs. Adverbs A preposition will have an object after it. An adverb will NOT! Which is which? (1) He sat inside the house. (2) He sat inside.

8 Compound Prepositions A common compound preposition is made up of more than one preposition. Example: in front of in addition to instead of

9 Guided Practice 1. Lieutenant Robert Peary and Matthew Henson reached the North Pole (in 1909). 2. Lieutenant Peary looked (for the North Pole) (for many years). 3. Mathew Henson traveled (with him) (on every expedition) (except the first one). 4. However, (for a long time), Henson received no credit (for his role). 5. Peary had hired Henson (as his servant) (on a trip) (to Nicaragua). 6. There, Peary discovered that Henson had sailing experience and could also chart a path (through the jungle). 7. (As a result), Peary asked Henson to join his Arctic expedition. 8. The two explorers became friends (during their travels) (in the North). 9. (On the final push) (to the North Pole), Henson was the only other American who went (with Peary). 10. Yet because Peary was leader of the expedition, he received all the credit (for the discovery). 11. Finally, (after many years), Henson was honored (by Congress, Marylands state government, and two U.S. presidents).

10 Adjective Phrases What is an adjective phrase? A prepositional phrase used as an adjective; it modifies a noun or a pronoun.

11 Adjective Phrases Adjective phrases answer TWO questions: 1. What kind? - People with bad tempers are unpleasant. (modifies noun) 2. Which one? - My new boyfriend is the cute one on the stage. (modifies pronoun)

12 Adjective Phrases They usually follow the word they modify, which could be the object of a prepositional phrase The snow (on the grass) (in the meadow) has melted.

13 Adjective Phrases They may modify the same word. The students (at OMMS) (on the white team) are great.

14 Guided Practice 1. The boy (with the water bottle) plays basketball well. 2. The girl (with the trumpet) gives us a headache. 3. The Senior class (of 2003) is already planning a spectacular class trip. 4. The key (to the car) is lost. 5. A feeling (of excitement) pervades the school. 6. The radio towers (with lightening rods) were visible as far as the eye could see. 7. My friend (with short hair) came over after school. 8. A crowd (of angry people) gathered outside the store. 9. All the schools (in Shelby County) are great schools. 10. That handsome young man is an employee (of my dad).

15 Adverb Phrases What is an adverb phrase? A prepositional phrase used as an adverb; it modifies a verb, an adjective or another adverb

16 Adverb Phrases They may be located anywhere in the sentence. The teacher spoke (to the student) (after class). (After class), the teacher spoke (to the student).

17 Adverb Phrases Adverb phrases answer five questions: 1. How? - She accepted the invitation (with pleasure). 2. When? - Father plays golf (on Saturday mornings). 3. Where? - I dived (into the water). 4. Why? - The men play golf (for exercise). 5. To what extent? - Dad is older (by a year).

18 Guided Practice 1. Josh left the game (at ten o'clock). 2. (On the mountain) stands a little cottage. 3. Sally is courteous (in many ways). 4. The boys were standing (on their hands). 5. Julia does extra math problems (for practice). 6. The film was made (in Spain). 7. The parade moved (down the street). 8. Is Kayla going (to the shopping center) (down the street)? 9. Wesley took these pictures (with a panorama camera). 10. A group from our school is going (to Washington).

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