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Furman Owens, 12 Years Old. Can't Read. Doesn't Know His A,b,C's. Said, "Yes I Want to Learn but Can't When I Work All the Time." Been workin in the Mills.

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2 Furman Owens, 12 Years Old. Can't Read. Doesn't Know His A,b,C's. Said, "Yes I Want to Learn but Can't When I Work All the Time." Been workin in the Mills 4 Years, 3 Years in the Olympia Mill. Columbia, S.C.

3 Adolescent girls from Bibb Mfg. Co. in Macon, Georgia.

4 Doffer boys. Macon, Georgia

5 A General View of Spinning Room, Cornell Mill. Fall River, Mass

6 A moments glimpse of the outer world. She said she was 11 years old. Been working over a year. Rhodes Mfg. Co. Lincolnton, N.C.

7 Some boys and girls were so small they had to climb up on to the spinning frame to mend broken threads and to put back the empty bobbins. Bibb Mill No. 1. Macon, Ga.

8 One of the spinners in Whitnel Cotton Mill. She was 51 inches high. Has been in the mill one year. Sometimes works at night. She makes 48 cents a day. When asked how old she was, she hesitated, then said, "I don't remember," then added confidentially, "I'm not old enough to work, but do just the same." Out of 50 employees, there were ten children about her size. Whitnel, N.C.

9 Jo Bodeon, a back-roper in the mule room at Chace Cotton Mill. Burlington, Vt.

10 A small newsie downtown on a Saturday afternoon. St. Louis, Mo.

11 A group of newsies selling on Capitol steps. Tony, age 8, Dan, 9, Joseph, 10, and John, age 11. Washington, D.C.

12 Tony Casale, age 11, been selling 4 years. Sells sometimes until 10 p.m. His paper told me the boy had shown him the marks on his arm where his father had bitten him for not selling more papers. He (the boy) said, "Drunken men say bad words to us." Hartford, Conn.

13 Out after midnight selling extras. There were many young boys selling very late. Youngest boy in the group is 9 years old. Harry, age 11, Eugene and the rest were a little older. Washington, D.C.

14 Michael McNelis, age 8, a newsboy [with photographer Hine]. This boy has just recovered from his second attack of pneumonia. Was found selling papers in a big rain storm. Philadelphia, Pa.

15 Francis Lance, 5 years old, 41 inches high. He jumps on and off moving trolley cars at the risk of his life. St. Louis, Mo.

16 At the close of day at a local coal mine. Waiting for the cage to go up. The cage is entirely open on two sides and not very well protected on the other two, and is usually crowded like this. The small boy in front is Jo Puma. S. Pittston, Pa.

17 View of the Ewen Breaker of the Pa. Coal Co. The dust was so dense at times as to obscure the view. This dust penetrated the utmost recesses of the boys' lungs. A kind of slave-driver sometimes stands over the boys, prodding or kicking them into obedience. S. Pittston, Pa.

18 Harley Bruce, a young coupling-boy at Indian Mine. He appears to be 12 or 14 years old and says he has been working there about a year. It is hard work and dangerous. Near Jellico, Tenn.

19 Breaker boys, Hughestown Borough Pa. Coal Co. One of these is James Leonard, another is Stanley Rasmus. Pittston, Pa.

20 A young driver in the Brown mine. Has been driving one year. Works 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily. Brown W. Va.

21 Breaker boys. Smallest is Angelo Ross. Pittston, Pa.

22 9 p.m. in an Indiana Glass Works.

23 Boys in the packing room at the Brown Mfg. Co. Evansville, Ind.

24 Day scene. Wheaton Glass Works. Boy is Howard Lee. His mother showed me the family record in Bible which gave his birth as July 15, years old now, but has been in glass works two years and some nights. Millville, N.J.

25 Manuel the young shrimp picker, age 5, and a mountain of child labor oyster shells behind him. He worked last year. Understands not a word of English. Biloxi, Miss.

26 Camille Carmo, age 7, and Justine, age 9. The older girl picks about 4 pails a day. Rochester, Mass.

27 Norris Luvitt. Been picking 3 years in berry fields near Baltimore.

28 Mrs. Battaglia with Tessie, age 12, and Tony, age 7. Mrs. Battaglia works in a garment shop except on Saturdays, when the children sew with her at home. Get 2 or 3 cents a pair finishing men's pants. Said they earn $1 to $1.50 on Saturday. Father disabled and can earn very little. New York City.

29 Picking nuts in dirty basement. The dirtiest imaginable children were pawing over the nuts eating lunch on the table. Mother had a cold and blew her nose frequently (without washing her hands) and the dirty handkerchiefs reposed comfortably on table close to the nuts and nut meats. The father picks now. New York City.

30 Fish cutters at a Canning Co in Maine. Ages range from 7 to 12. They live near the factory. The 7 year old boy in front, Byron Hamilton, has a badly cut finger but helps his brother regularly. Behind him is his brother George, age 11, who cut his finger half off while working. Ralph, on the left, displays his knife and also a badly cut finger. They and many youngsters said they were always cutting themselves. George earns a $1 some days usually 75 cents. Some of the others say they earn a $1 when they work all day. At times they start at 7 a.m. and work all day until midnight.

31 Wasnt it great being a kid!

32 Child Labor Laws In 1904 the National Child Labor Committee was formed to start working on laws to protect children. In 1938 the Fair Labor Standards Act was passed providing free, compulsory education for all children and set federal standards for child labor. A minimum age for employment and hours of work for children are regulated by the Federal Government.

33 What about today?? Do some research to find out about child labor laws in You can visit online websites or even ask your family members. Things to look for: At what age can a child legally work (a REAL job)? How many hours a day or week can a child work? At what age can a child quit school? What happens if laws are not followed? Find at least 2 laws and write them on p. 24. Due tomorrow!!

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