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Germany and the Alpine Countries Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein.

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1 Germany and the Alpine Countries Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein

2 Germany and the Alpine Countries

3 Social Groups 82.6 Million People Life expectancy-77 years (men), 82 years (women) They trace their ancestry back to a group that settled in Europe between 100-400 A.D.

4 Language They speak German – a language that is closely related to English

5 Religion A German priest, started a new religion, Protestantism, around 1520 after being banned from the Catholic Church by the Pope. This priests name was Martin Luther. Today Catholics and Protestants are evenly represented in the country

6 Daily Life The Autobahns Around 90% of German households have cable or satellite TV. one of the world's highest levels of education

7 History Involved in and blamed for two World Wars. Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust. Once divided as a free democratic West and a communist East Reunification – Bringing together Germanys two parts under one government Adolf Hitler

8 The Arts Classical music composers Johan Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven. Produce beautiful cuckoo clocks using timbers from the Black Forest.

9 The Brothers Grimm Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm Did most of the research Wilhelm Karl Grimm Provided the childlike influence in the tales collected the stories from peasants and villagers, and, controversially, from other sources such as published works from other cultures and languages. They were also interested in folklore and primitive literature.

10 Government Federal Republic – National and state government share powers – 2 houses in parlaiment Elected President – Head of State; only carries out ceremonial duties Chancellor – real head of government; chosen by 1 of 2 houses of parliament Reunification has been a challenge since 1990

11 The Economy A637-B4BD48BB8E44 Leader in the EU Ruhr district – important industrial center Imports about 1/3 of food Leading producer of beer, wine, & cheese Autobahns – Superhighways Industry pollution acid rain!!! severe damage to Black Forest & other places

12 Switzerland Neutrality – Refusing to take sides in disagreements and wars between countries The Alps – Continental divide Four national languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansch

13 Austria Landlocked country south of Germany The Sound of Music Speak German 80% Roman Catholic Vienna

14 Liechtenstein A principality about the size of Washington D.C. Constitutional monarchy – prince has governing power Most people are roman catholic German is the official language

15 German Reunification German Reunification Video What problems have emerged as a result of German Reunification?

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