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Science Fiction Vs. Fantasy Enders Game Unit 8 th Grade Literature/GRC.

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1 Science Fiction Vs. Fantasy Enders Game Unit 8 th Grade Literature/GRC

2 A Story is a Story! Both Science Fiction & Fantasy have basic story elements. Both have characters, settings problems & solutions Both have a theme--a message about life the author is trying to convey.

3 Science Fiction vs. Fantasy The two are very closely related! In Science Fiction, there needs to be some possibility that the events could happen, even if the technology to allow it has not yet been invented. In contrast, Fantasy allows the author to use far-fetched concepts, like unicorns, three- headed creatures, telekinesis, etc.

4 What is Science Fiction? Science fiction stories have a plot that combines science and fiction. The story plots are controlled by the basic laws of nature and science. It is closely related to fantasy.

5 Science Fiction is more believable because it uses scientific research as its basis. Good science-fiction stories are about human beings, with a human problem, and a human solution, but these stories would not have happened without scientific content. Science Fiction

6 Major Themes in Science Fiction Utopian societies of the future Space travel to and from other planets (i.e.: Star Trek) Time travel to the past and future (i.e.: Back to the Future) Physical changes to man brought about by scientific/chemical error (i.e.: The Incredible Hulk, Dr. Jekyll)

7 Sci Fi Examples Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions Star Wars Trilogy Spiderman Men in Black 1&2 Flowers for Algernon

8 What is Fantasy? Fantasy can range from contemporary and urban fantasy (like Twilight) to High Fantasy, the kind with knights and elves, to folklore. Fantasy must be self-consistent, but express a sense of wonderment. Even though fantasy requires the invention of a world, the rules of that world must be followed consistently. We can accept that magical spells work in the fantasy world, and not ours, but the spells should work the same way every time.

9 Fantasy Contains elements that are not realistic talking animals magical powers often set in a medieval universe possibly involving mythical beings Ancient myths, legends, epics & folktales are included in this genre. Worlds completely different from our own will be settings.

10 Fantasy Examples Lord of the Rings Chronicles of Narnia Sword and the Stone What else?

11 Many Sci-Fi authors see their stories as loose predictions of the future. So they may use present-day social concerns as a warning of things to come. Fantasy authors have no desire to warn readers. They are mainly interested in entertaining the reader. These stories often reflect cultural values. Comparing the Two Genres

12 Conflict SCIENCE FICTION CONFLICT Usually Person vs. SOCIETY FANTASY CONFLICT– Usually Person vs. SELF, or Person vs. PERSON Comparing the Two Genres

13 Tone SCI FI – Reveals authors attitude toward SOCIETY/ Bigger picture/ life FANTASY - Reveals authors attitude toward HUMANS AND OUR BEHAVIOR. Comparing the Two Genres

14 An early Science Fiction novel was Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley. She used scientific knowledge to persuade the reader that her story plot was possible. In the early 1800s, she began the novel as a challenge. A small group of vacationers were asked to write ghost stories. She wrote one of the most unique and horrifying! Historical Context

15 Frankenstein was one of the first novels to deal with the possibility that mankind will create scientific advancements, and those same advancements might be used to harm mankind. Mary Shelley did not wish the story to be considered "supernatural, so she made the main character the scientist and his scientific efforts the focal point for the plot. Historical Context

16 Remember… Science Fiction grew out of Fantasy. Science Fictions authors preferred to have a more realistic tone to their works. Some Sci-Fi stories have a small amount of fantasy, but the events in the story could occur if the technology were available.

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