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THE IEP PROCESS E P I This is the official web site of the Shelby County Board of Education.  Any other site that claims to be affiliated with, represent.

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1 THE IEP PROCESS E P I This is the official web site of the Shelby County Board of Education.  Any other site that claims to be affiliated with, represent or contain information about any Shelby County School is not endorsed by the Shelby County Board of Education.  If you leave the official Shelby County Board of Education web site, the Shelby County School District claims no responsibility for the content beyond this point.

2 The IEP Process This process is used for the annual IEP only. After the child has been in the program at least a year and their annual IEP is due you insert this process. For each new IEP you open a new process. There are 12 possible forms in this process at this time. IEP Profile


4 The following forms are included in this process:

5 Notice of Proposed Meeting
This form will always be used at every IEP meeting held. The form must be filled out completely. Leave no blanks. Be sure and check the purpose and at least the first five choices for people invited.

6 Notice of Proposed Meeting
Make sure after the parents return the invitation that you go back in , record results and COMPLETE the form. If you have to send a second attempt be sure and do it in time for the meeting. Document results and COMPLETE the form

7 Special Education Rights
Rights have to be given with the original referral, when parents request a copy, and at each annual IEP. Rights do not need to be signed. They do however need to be done and completed. The completed rights in SETSWEB is your documentation that you gave them to the parents.

8 Special Ed. Rights Fill out completely

9 PROFILE PAGE List both years if IEP covers parts of 2 school years/2 grades

10 Student strengths Student needs
Profile Page Continued…. Make sure ALL profiles include all of the following information: Student strengths Student needs Impact statement that tells specifically how the disability impacts the student’s participation in the regular curriculum. Do not use the disability category as the reason. A correct impact statement might be: [John’s difficulty with reading comprehension negatively impacts his participation in grade level reading without support]. List Parent Concerns List Regular Education teacher and/or student concerns regarding needs, preferences and interests. Specific results of initial or most recent evaluations results. If standard scores are listed include what is considered “average” An example would be: The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-4th edition was given resulting in a full scale score of 79 ( is considered average) Include standards and be sure to address reading, math and written language.

11 Fill out and attach an IEP checklist found on slideto each IEP
Profile Page Continued…. Make sure all profiles include all of the following information. continued…. The results of student’s performance on any general, curriculum- based, district or state wide testing. List what is considered average for that grade. For example: John received a 45 on phoneme segmentation on the Diebel’s test and 65 is considered benchmark. Report progress and mastery of previous IEP goals. Be sure and be specific including standard numbers where it applies. Transition needs that relate to post school transition goals. **Please note that all 9 items or 10 if over the age of 16 must be included in every IEP. These things are not optional.** Fill out and attach an IEP checklist found on slideto each IEP

12 If any special instructional factors are checked yes, they must be addressed in either the annual goal, support box, behavior plan or transition plan. Transportation need only be addressed on this page. Make sure if there are bus issues that the bus driver signs the Persons Responsible form.

13 A selection must be made for non-academic extracurricular activities
A selection must be made for non-academic extracurricular activities. If anything other than Yes is chosen specific information must be given. Annual Goal Progress only goes home at report card time.

14 Transition Page You must fill in each section completely for students
16 & above.

15 A transition goal must be filled in and a transition service checked
Exiting Seniors must have a summary of Academic & Functional Performance completed. Will be covered in another process.


17 Goal sheet continued… Click Here for Services
SPECIAL EDUCATION AND RELATED SERVICE(S) (Special Education, Supplementary Aids and Services ,Program Modifications, Accommodations Needed for Assessments, Related Services, Assistive Technology, and Support for Personnel.) Click Here for Services To access the service support box you must click on shown above on each goal sheet.

18 Student Services Screen
The Special Education tab must be addressed prior to marking the goals page complete. All other tabs are optional. All services entered will appear on the goals page of the IEP, except data entered in the last tab (Screenings/Evaluations). This tab is used to enter data for screenings or evaluations that are Medicaid billable. This screen is used for entering student services. Eight tabs are available at the top of the screen: Five options are currently available at the left side of the screen for adding or changing student services: • Insert: Click this button to add a service. • Change: Select a service and click this button to make changes. • Delete: Delete the selected service. The service must first be detached from all goals before it may be deleted. Click the Attach/Detach button to do this. • Close: Designates that the service has been fulfilled and may be closed. DO NOT CHECK THIS BOX • Tasks: All tasks for services may be entered here. If you are submitting claims to Medicaid, you must enter the tasks here.

19 Note: A goal page can’t be removed / deleted if a service is attached.
Attach/Detach All services are attached to a goal. This is indicated on the screen above when there is a check in the box in the Attached to Goal column. Click on the Attach/Detach button on the right to attach or detach this service to the goal. Note: A goal page can’t be removed / deleted if a service is attached. If you make a mistake detach service and then delete.

20 Inserting a Service Service Type: Only primary speech only uses this drop down. All others are blank. • IEP Begin Date and IEP End Date generates from Profile page. Service Frequency Type: Click the drop-down arrow to select whether the service will take place on a weekly, monthly, daily, etc., basis.

21 • Frequency: Enter the number of occurrences within a given time.
Samples of Service Frequency Types and Frequency are shown in the following table. YOU MUST FOLLOW THIS CHART!

22 Put in specific details about service
• Service addresses which previously determined student diagnosis: Only Medicaid providers can put in diagnosis. Note: All Medicaid billable services require a Student Diagnosis to be entered. (Medicaid) • Service Details: Enter any relevant information pertaining to services, if applicable. • Location: Click the drop-down menu to select a location. • Amount of Time: Enter the amount of time (in minutes) that will be provided for this service per session. It is understood it is not cumulative. • Beginning and ending date must be entered for length of service. • Click OK when finished. Put in specific details about service

23 with the service. Usually that would just be artic, voice or fluency.
To create a service, simply click on the Insert button. For both the Special Education tab and the Related Services tab, a Service Type field is the first field in the window to be addressed. a. In the Special Education window, select the service type from the drop down box which will have only two choices: “speech therapy” and a blank. 1) If you have a student with any disability, other than SLI, the user will select “blank” from the drop down and manually enter the actual service provided in the Service Details field. For this student, speech therapy is a related service, and those services should be entered under the Related Services tab. a) If the user needs to create a speech goal page for this student (where the Area field at the top of the page is articulation, for example), then he/she must enter the speech service in Related Services, and must also address the Special Education tab because it is required to complete each goal page. b) This will require the user to enter, for example, “See Related Services” or some similar directive in the Special Education field. Only enter “see related services” if the Special Ed. teacher will This entry will satisfy the program’s requirement that this field is addressed. Only enter “see related services” if the Special Ed. teacher will not also assist with the service. Usually that would just be artic, voice or fluency.

24 If you have a student with Speech and Language Impairment, as identified
on the eligibility report, the user must select “speech therapy” from the pick list and then address the details of his/her special education (which for this child will be speech therapy) in the Service Details field. These details must be manually entered into the program. For such a student, related services would be comprised of services other than speech, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc. Speech for this child is Special Ed not related services. In the Related Services window, select from the pick list, the service to be described. The only related services to use from drop down menu in Shelby Cty are: Itinerant Hearing, Itinerant Vision, OT, PT, Speech, Vocational Rehab, Orientation and Mobility, Adapted PE. Any others in list are not used in Shelby County.

25 5. The Service Details field contains the description of the specially designed instruction required by the student Amount of time a. In the Student Services section, amount of time can be entered for all tabs but is required on Special Education Services and Related Services tabs. b. Amount of time to be listed is per session only, not cumulative over the course of a week, month, school term, etc.

26 Miscellaneous Notes 1. The list of services for each service type is not cumulative for all that are entered. For example, the same occupational therapy related service might exist for a student for a reading goal and for a math goal. Under each goal it might be assigned as two times per week. The student only receives the service twice a week not four times. This service would be attached to both goals. Remember to consider this when calculating Least Restrictive Environment so as not to misrepresent time outside the regular classroom as double what it actually is. 2. Routine accommodations should be listed under “Supplementary Aids and Services”, not “Accommodations Needed for Assessment”. 3. Each service needs to be added separately. Do not list multiple services under one insertion.

27 Signature Page Always mark all YES

28 Least Restrictive Environment
Ages 6 to 21 These are the LRE choices for ages 6-21 yrs Ages 3-5 These are LRE choices for ages PK-5 yrs

29 Signature Page continued
Signatures On All Forms 1. For each signature required, you will need to type an asterisk (*) in the blank and then the signature. If a signature is required for an IEP Team meeting, but a given individual is excused, then enter the pound sign (#) to designate that status. 2. Typing the above place holders will allow the form to be completed and printed without the DRAFT watermark, and will allow enough room for participants to sign the printed copy. 3. Keep the printed copy on file in the LEA. 4. Give the parent a copy. NEVER SIGN A FORM THAT SAYS DRAFT!

30 Signature Page Continued


32 State Testing… continued
Always include a justification. If accommodations are needed, be sure an include the appropriate accommodation sheet.

33 Mark the appropriate accommodation on each test page that requires accommodations.
Attach only pages that are needed. John Doe 2008 THS 10 X

34 State Testing-ELL 2 2008 Juan Ortega MVES 222 Must be used for ELL/ LEP students who are on an IEP. X Takes tests in small groups during the year

35 IEP Accommodation Sheet for ACCESS Test
2008 2 Juan Ortega MVES Must be used if accommodations are needed for ELL student on ACCESS test x

36 Persons Responsible Form (IEP Implementation)
Must have this form filled in immediately at the first of school and at the start or change of any IEP done during the year. Everyone that has dealings with the students should sign this form. ZZZZZZZZZ John Doe zzzzzzzzzz JOHN DOE

37 Medicaid Form Must be done yearly for every ACTIVE student.
We ask that all students’ parents sign this letter whether or not their child receives medicaid benefits. Regardless when it is signed, the expiration date is the day before school starts. Currently

38 The End If you follow the instructions and procedures covered in this presentation you will have an outstanding IEP. If you have any questions feel free to

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