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St. Anthony Falls Bridge Replacement Jon Chiglo, P.E., Project Manager.

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1 St. Anthony Falls Bridge Replacement Jon Chiglo, P.E., Project Manager

2 Agenda Project characteristics and features Project construction phases



5 St. Anthony Falls I35W Bridge

6 Bridge Description Bridge reflects series of modern arch forms – elegant simplicity Four-span bridge, approximately 1,223 feet long 504 foot main span over Mississippi River

7 Bridge Description Variable depth superstructure 25 feet to 11 feet Concrete piers supported by footings and drilled shafts socketed into rock

8 Bridge Description Two parallel bridges, each with two box girders Striped for five lanes each direction (10 total) with 13 and 14 foot shoulders (actual design loading considers for seven lanes in each direction) Future configuration of four lanes in each direction plus light rail or bus transit lane

9 Safety Enhancements Geometric enhancements that eliminate all existing sub-standard roadway geometry High performance concrete with prestressing for superior durability Smart bridge with integrated bridge sensor/monitoring system

10 Multiple Levels of Redundancy Two bridges, each with two box girders Hundreds of high-strength steel strands embedded in each box girder Pier under each box girder Multiple drilled shaft foundations socketed into bedrock













23 A Sculptural Bridge White, Modern, Winter Blending View from the Cantilever at the GuthrieView from north shore near St. Anthony Falls

24 Pier Shape and Retaining Walls Gabion stone retaining walls – various layers of native stone creating a geological profile of stone along the Mississippi River Sculpted piers with reflective curves work in harmony with the connecting superstructure forms

25 Traffic Restoration Chris Roy, P.E., Area Manager

26 Detour Map

27 Traffic Restoration Projects Goal Get congestion back towards normal

28 Traffic Restoration Project Guidelines Must increase capacity, improve safety, or manage traffic (ITS) Must build in a weekend or on weeknights –No traffic impact for peak periods allowed Must be within circle of impact Must be let before end of September –Most must be done by end of August Designers have one week from concept to construction Final cost – less than $7 million

29 Traffic Restoration Projects Consider some 40+ projects Built 24 projects including –Adding lanes on 94, 694 and 100 –Rebuilding an interchange –Enhancing ramp geometry and capacity –Continuous lighting, temp concrete median barrier –Frontage road construction –Bus shoulders –ITS improvements – TMC cameras and loop detectors Construction costs 6.0 million


31 Evening Congestion Impacts 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. – Relatively Unchanged Week of July 23, 2007Week of Sept. 10, 2007

32 Tremendous Cooperation Quick turn around on everything –Layouts, plans, design exceptions –Environmental documents & approvals –Contract documents and bidding process –Stakeholder involvement –External agency review and approvals

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