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2003 MUTCD Chapter 2B Regulatory Signs. 2B.02 Design of Regulatory Signs Changeable Message Signs can be used to display regulatory messages.

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1 2003 MUTCD Chapter 2B Regulatory Signs

2 2B.02 Design of Regulatory Signs Changeable Message Signs can be used to display regulatory messages.

3 2B.03 Size of Regulatory Signs Remove SUPPORT statement referencing SHS as is already in Section 2A.12 New signs added to Table 2B-1, such as R1-5 Yield Here to Pedestrians 10 years compliance date R mm x 450mm 18 x 18

4 2B.03 Size of Regulatory Signs 18x24 to 24x3024x18 to 30x24 *Older Driver Handbook Recommendation Increase in size of some signs *Compliance date is 10 years from date of the Final Rule for the 2003 MUTCD.

5 STOP and YIELD Sign Placement Section 2B.06 and 2B.10) Editorial change: The STOP or YIELD signs shall be installed on the right side of the traffic lane to which it applies. NOTE: The word right replaces the word correct.

6 2B.06 & 2B.10 STOP and YIELD Sign Placement Other than a Do Not Enter sign, no other sign should be mounted on the back of a STOP or YIELD sign Preserve distinctive shapes of STOP and YIELD

7 2B.09 Yield Sign Option to Use Yield Sign instead of Stop Sign if Conditions Warrant

8 2B.09 and 2B.10 YIELD Sign Application STANDARD: YIELD sign required to assign right-of-way at the entrance to a roundabout.

9 2B.10 YIELD Sign Placement At Roundabout Intersections: STANDARD: YIELD sign shall be installed on both the left and right sides of roundabout approaches having > one lane. GUIDANCE: YIELD sign face should not be visible from the circulating roadway.

10 2B.11 Yield Here to Pedestrian Signs *10 Year Compliance Period

11 2B.12 In-Street Pedestrian Crossing Signs New sign with positive safety results Shall not be used at traffic signalized crosswalks Mounting height in 2A.18 is not applicable

12 a new unique design. The sign will have a black circle around the speed value with a km/h legend below. 2B.13 Metric Speed Limit Sign Design

13 2B.13 Speed Limit Sign New GUIDANCE: At least once every 5 years, States and local agencies should reevaluate non-statutory speed limits on segments of their roadways that have undergone a significant change in roadway characteristics or surrounding land use since the last review.

14 2B.13 Speed Limit Sign GUIDANCE: Posted s peed limit should be within 5 mph (10 km/h) of the 85th- percentile speed of free-flowing traffic.

15 2B.15 Night Speed Limit (Metric)

16 Changeable Message Speed Limit Signs (Section 2B.13) OPTION: may be used to display the speed at which the driver is traveling. GUIDANCE: if used, the legend to show the approach speed is YOUR SPEED XX KM/H (MPH). The color for the speed value should be yellow on black or the reverse. *Compliance Date is 10 years from date of Final Rule

17 2B.16 Minimum Speed Limit Sign Design of Metric Speed Limit is with BLACK Circle

18 2B.17 FINES HIGHER Plaque New Plaque for use with Special Enforcement Zones – Schools, Work Zones, Safety Zones

19 Reduced Speed Ahead Signs Move Reduced Speed Ahead Signs from Regulatory series (R2-5) to Warning Sign series (W 3-5) 15 year compliance period

20 2B.19 Turn Prohibition Sign New Combination Turn Prohibition Symbol Sign

21 2B.21 Mandatory Movement Lane Control Signs Revise GUIDANCE statement that the lane control pavement markings mentioned are actually called lane- use arrow markings.

22 2B.23 Reversible Lane Control Signs Delete the R3-9c and R3-9e signs and all of their references in the section. *10 year compliance period

23 2B.26 Preferential Only Lane Signs Revise R3-10 through R3-15 sign designs Revise Sections 2B.27 & 2B.28 HOV Signing *Compliance date is 10 years from date of Final Rule

24 2B.26 Inherently Low Emission Vehicle (ILEV) signs (R3-10b)

25 2B.27 Preferential Only Lanes for High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) Require that the minimum # of occupants in a vehicle using HOV lanes shall be in effect for certain times. A federal review is required prior to in initiating a proposal project operation of HOV lanes. Allows motorcycles to use HOV lanes that receive Federal-aid program finding. Add to support the ability to implement value pricing approach for reducing congestion.

26 Change discussion about ILEVs using HOV lanes from STANDARD to OPTION. The U.S EPA is the only entity with authority to certify ILEVs 2B.27 HOV Inherently Low Emission Vehicles

27 2B.28 Preferential Only Lane Sign applications and Placement Figs. 2E-44 through 2E.48 show application and placement examples of HOV signing.

28 2B.33 Keep Right and Keep Left Signs Add OPTION describing when these signs may be used. Add GUIDANCE – describing placement location for these signs

29 2B.34 DO NOT ENTER Sign If used, the DO NOT ENTER sign should be placed directly in view of the road user at the point where a road user could wrongly enter a divided highway, one-way roadway, or ramp.

30 2B.36 Selective Exclusion Signs New Sign Name: Hazardous Material (HM) * 10 year compliance date

31 2B.37 ONE WAY Signs Add Standard statement: ONE WAY signs shall be placed parallel to the one-way street at all alleys and roadways that intersect one-way roadways (see Figures 2B-12 through 2B-15.) * Compliance date of January 17, 2008 for placement requirement at intersecting alleys

32 2B.37 ONE WAY Signs Relocate 4 figures from Section 2A.16 to Section 2B.32: Figure 2A-5 and 2A-6 -> Figure 2B-12 Figure 2A-4 -> Figure 2B-13 Figure 2A-4 -> Figure 2B-14 Add New Figure 2B-15

33 2B.37 ONE WAY Signs

34 2B.40 Snow Emergency Signs GUIDANCE: Should be installed where special parking restrictions are imposed during heavy snowfall.

35 2B.40 Van Accessible Plaque Included in 1988 edition of MUTCD, but left out of 2000 MUTCD R7-8a plaque is used with guide sign to direct users to Accessible parking space R7-8b plaque is used with R7-8 Reserved Parking Sign

36 2B.44 Pedestrian Crossing Signs Change name of Pedestrians Prohibited sign to NO PEDESTRIAN CROSSING

37 2B.45 Traffic Signal Signs Add new sign designs for pedestrian push button signs

38 2B.45 NO TURN ON RED Sign NEW Design of R Revised to put Red Ball at bottom of sign MUTCD2000 MUTCD

39 2B.45 Turning Traffic Yield to Pedestrians R10-15 sign may instead of should be used. WHEN PEDESTRIANS ARE PRESENT plaque not adopted based on research that found this sign ineffective.

40 2B.45 NO TURN ON RED Supplemental Plaques These are preferred: Instead of WHEN PEDESTRIANS ARE PRESENT sign

41 2B.45 Traffic Signal Signs Add GUIDANCE for this sign to be installed adjacent to the signal.

42 2B.45 Traffic Signal Signs R10-14 sign not adopted new R10-16 sign is OPTION

43 Preferential Lane Signs (Section 2B.48) GUIDANCE: Light Rail Transit is included in the list of preferential lane signs that should not use the HOV diamond symbol.

44 Changeable Message HOV Signs (Section 2B.48) STANDARD: Shall be the same size as the standard dimensions prescribed in the MUTCD and the Standard Highway Signs Book based on type of facility and design speed.

45 High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes (Section 2B.49) Motorcycles can use HOV lanes that receive Federal-aid program funding

46 High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes (Section 2B.49)

47 Other Regulatory Signs (Section 2B.54) The diagram of the Seat Belt Symbol sign is in new Figure 2B- 22.

48 2B.46 Photo Enforced Signs *10 Year Compliance Period new option PHOTO ENFORCED signs

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