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Metro District State Aid Construction Training

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1 Metro District State Aid Construction Training
Elisa Bottos Metro State Aid Construction Engineer Jim Deeny Metro State Aid Construction Specialist

2 Time 1906 partial payments monthly – Deducts – recommendations of specialty offices Retainage is not intended to be for deducts for failing material etc. Material on Hand payments must be timely Don’t wait because contractor wants you to. Don’t wait for that big pour next week Deducts for failing materials 5% retainage is not for deducts Contractor does not have the option of taking a deduct – only if material is already inplace. Material on hand payments must be accurate

3 Subletting MnDOT Spec 1801 40% of work must be performed by prime contractor 30% if project includes DBE goal 2005 SPEC Book 1801 Request to Sublet Contract Administratuion Manual

4 Subletting MnDOT Spec 1801 Designate specialty work prior to letting in Special Provisions 1801 Request to Sublet Contract Administration Manual

5 Subletting MnDOT Spec 1801 Specialty Work as defined in (7) Specialty Contract Work - Specialty work is unique work that cannot be performed by either the Prime Contractor, its subcontractors, or other contracting firms that generally perform work on highway construction projects.

6 Subletting MnDOT Spec 1801 FHWA 1273, Section VII "Specialty Items" shall be construed to be limited to work that requires highly specialized knowledge, abilities, or equipment not ordinarily available in the type of contracting organizations qualified and expected to bid on the contract as a whole and in general are to be limited to minor components of the overall contract.

7 Subletting MnDOT Spec 1801 Request to Sublet Forms 10 days prior to work Request to Sublet Summary

8 Contract Change Documents
Terminology - Work Orders, Change Orders, Supplemental Agreements Forms on SALT website Scanned signatures Separate documents for separate issues Indicate funding group for extra work I don’t care what you call it, but if it fits the SA category I will require that of an SA Some specifications call for ever change to be a CO Use forms on SALT website to avoid wrong signature block, and title block Scanned signatures are okay with FHWA and us, if local is okay with it.

9 Contract Change Documents Supplemental Agreements
Transmittal letter Language approval by Karen Peters recommended Estimating approval required State Aid Engineer signature required after execution Good to clear engineering concepts with us first. Transmittal letter on Metro’s website Language approval not required, but recommended Jim or myself with sign for State Aid Engineer State Aid Engineer signature required for funding eligibility.

10 Contract Change Documents Supplemental Agreements
Performance of Extra Work as defined in Spec 1403 (>$50,000) Alterations in special provisions and specifications (including contract time) Revisions in the structural section above the sub-base Alterations in the scope of the contract or character of the work Major revisions in geometric design of the mainline roadway, ramps, frontage roads, or crossovers Additions, deletions or relocations of bridges or other structures that would affect the functional scope and intent of the approved design Changing contract, time, prices. Alterations in scope have to be cleared with the Project Managers to make sure they fall within the environmental documentation

11 Contract Change Documents Work Orders - Minor Extra Work
No contract unit price for work item maximum of $50,000 for 2005 spec book. Price can be by negotiated price or force account MEW > $5,000 estimating approval is required MEW >$25,000 District State Aid Engineer approval is required for funding eligibility. Negotiated vs force account (time and materials not local forces) should be stated in document >$5000 if federally funded needs estimating approval.

12 Contract Change Documents
Change Orders Revising method of measurement Waiving liquidated damages after the project is in condition for safe convenient use by the traveling public, or is otherwise available for next-stage construction without restriction. Documenting unacceptable work or materials Documenting bonus payments to the Contractor for exceeding established pavement ride quality, quality standards, or early completion of work as provided in the Contract Bonus paynets example for landscaping projects, bituminous incentives, if provided for in contract.

13 Contract Change Documents
Change Orders Documenting changes in the original plan (P) quantity due to re-measure or re-computation. Documenting substitution of materials Documenting increased or decreased quantities Documenting minor grade changes, subgrade excavation changes, and structure excavation changes Substitutions okay if ok’d by specialty office, example bituminous mix

14 Labor Compliance

15 Labor Compliance Poster boards Certified payrolls Field interviews Checklist Mention other training by labor compliance office

16 Labor Compliance Labor Compliance Poster Boards Fill in the Blanks! Poster board link

17 Labor Compliance Certified Payroll Reqiured on all state or federal projects Weekly payroll on federal projects Link to wage and labor

18 Labor Compliance Field Interviews Fill in the form! Coordinate with Poster Board Check wages against Certified Payroll records

19 Final Inspection Federal Aid or Work on Trunk Highway Projects Call whenever you have a question (ADA) Notify us at 95% + on Federal Aid projects We will arrange to perform inspection Final Inspection form

20 Final Inspection State Aid Projects Call if questions exist Request For Final Payment automatically notifies Form will be used to approve payment Form will exist only in our file unless requested

21 Environmental Concerns
Contaminated Soil Nancy Radle Office of Environmental Services Please let State Aid know that something is going on – we can help

22 Environmental Concerns
Regulated Waste Lead Paint and Asbestos Mark Vogel Office of Environmental Services Other training by Vogel Both lead paint and asbestos were findings in the 2010 Audit

23 Metro District State Aid Construction Training
Elisa Bottos Metro State Aid Construction Engineer Jim Deeny Metro State Aid Construction Specialist Roles Info comes from our observations, FHWA ARRA inspections, Audit New constructionbooklet in packets, and available online ARRA checklist for inspection reviews good resource for all projects- link on our webpage Thank you

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