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2 Federal Aid Group

3 PROCESS OVERVIEW (steps to complete a Federal Aid project)
State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Project Kick Off Meeting Project Development Report Construction Plan Review and Approval Authorization of Federal Funds Letting, Contract Award, & Approval Contract Administration

4 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)
Projects are awarded federal funding Regional Solicitation, High Priority, Safe Routes to School, Non-Motorized All federal funded projects must be listed in or amended into the current approved STIP. Projects added when new STIP is created Formal STIP Amendment 2-3 month approval process

5 Project Kick Off Meeting
Federal Aid Project Manager meets with Local Agency Items for discussion include: Project Schedule/Sunset Date Project proposed vs. project application Type of Project Development Report needed Project Issues R/W 4(f) Historic Railroad Funding; total dollars/local match Regulatory Agencies (CRU, Environmental Serv., DNR)

6 Project Development Report
Initial Review Submit 4 signed, unbound copies to Federal Aid Project Manager Document will be reviewed and comments forwarded to SALT LPA will receive Metro and SALT comments LPA makes corrections Final Review LPA submits 5 copies signed, unbound copies to Federal Aid Project Manager Federal Aid Project Manager submits to SALT for approval.

7 Construction Plan Submittal
Initial Review Unbound Copies of the plan (please keep the originals) 1 copy for Project Manager review 1 additional copy if Storm Sewer is proposed 1 additional copy if project includes a RR crossing 1 additional copy if bridge is proposed 15 additional copies if project contains a Trunk Highway endpoint or x-ing

8 Construction Plan Submittal
Initial Review (continued) DCP Form 01 Plan Review Checklists (State Aid and Federal Aid) See Samples Engineers Estimate Laboratory Testing Services Form Parking Resolutions Drainage Area Maps & Computations R Value/ESAL documentation (pavement design calcs) SJRs and/or Warrant Analysis

9 Construction Plan Submittal
Final Review and Approval (DCP 02 Form) Signed original plan and 3 copies Revised Engineer’s Estimate R/W Certificate #1 and checklist or #1A Utility Relocation Certificate Permits Special Provisions Resolution for City Approval (County projects) Required if City signature is not on plan

10 Plan Review and Approval
Log plan into data base Route to TH functional areas if applicable Route to State Aid Hydraulics, RR or other agencies if applicable Compare plan to Project Development Report Project Termini Construction Elements/Scope Typical Section Project Cost Significant increases in cost may require a formal STIP Amendment

11 Plan Review and Approval
Review Preliminary Plan Format and Plan Content Conformance to State Aid Rules/Standards Hierarchy: State Aid Rules, Road Design Manual, AASHTO Federal Eligibility (see handouts) Check for required Permits/Documentation Forward R/W Certificate for Review and Approval Prepare Review Letter and/or Red Line Prints and Send to Designer or Local Agency for plan revisions

12 Plan Review and Approval
Review Final Plan Verify all Comments have been addressed Request DBE Goal Check for Required Documentation Revised Eng. Estimate, R/W Certificate, etc. Obtain State Aid Engineer Signature for Approval Request Federal Authorization

13 Plan Format Title Sheet (see sample)
Minnesota Department of Transportation Construction Plan For Work description (pay item level of detail) Located on ___________ from _______ to _________ SP # lower right corner Minn. Proj. No. in upper right corner Length Blocks for each roadway Length must agree with stationing on index map Bar Scales Sheet numbers in lower right corner Numerical sequencing

14 Plan Format Title Sheet (continued) Index Map
Label major roadways Begin and end SP and stationing Proposed Signals and Bridges Unless a general layout is included in the project Governing Specifications Note Utility Quality Level (see handout) Index of Sheets List A & B sheets separately Include “This plan contains XX Sheets” below index

15 Plan Format Title Sheet (continued) Design Designation Block (roadway)
Must match Approved Proj. Development Report Present (year to be let) and 20 year projected ADT Design Speed and exceptions (must be in approved PDR) Structural Design Strength Soil Factor and HCADT or R Value and ESAL (must match supporting documentation) Number of Traffic Lanes (thru lanes only) Number of Parking lanes or shoulder width

16 Plan Format Title Sheet (continued) Design Designation Block (bikeway)
Must match approved Proj. Development Report Design Speed Height of Eye/Height of Object Design Exceptions (must be in approved PDR) Plan Preparation Certification Required on all sheets except x-sections Required on Standard Plan sheets that have been modified

17 Plan Format Title Sheet (continued) Signature Block (see handout)
County Signature – County Funds City Signature – City Funds Agency receiving funds if not City or County Mn/DOT Signatures if Trunk Highway Funded Signature or permit required if project impacts another agencies R/W State Aid Signatures

18 Plan Format Statement of Estimated Quantities TRNS*PORT list
Match item numbers and units; descriptions vary Trunk Highway funded; match TRNS*PORT exactly Funding Columns All federal participating items in one column Separate column for Storm Sewer Separate column for federal non-participating (but CSAH or MSA eligible) Separate column for Local Funds (not state aid or federal aid eligible.

19 Plan Format Statement of Estimated Quantities
Include Traffic Control Item Basis for Estimated Quantities Bituminous mix, tack coat, fertilizer, seed mix Construction Notes Define compaction, tapers through the base material, topsoil stripping and stockpiling

20 Plan Format Tabulations Standard Plates
Consider for fence, trees, removal, storm sewer, and earthwork Quantities on charts must match the EQ Chart Standard Plates These standard plates as approved by the FHWA shall apply. Use current letter designation for each plate number Provide additional construction details for items that do not have a Mn/DOT standard plate (ie: benches, signs, etc.)

21 Plan Format Typical Sections
Must match the proposed roadway section in the Proj. Dev. Report Individual lanes widths labeled Thru Lanes, turn lanes, shoulders, parking lanes Location of the Profile Grade labeled Pavement Cross Slope, Inslope and Backslope Ratio Specification and Depth of Roadway so GE can be verified R/W Width Recovery Area/Clear Zone Topsoil Depth and Seed and Sod Requirements

22 Plan Format Construction Plan and Profile Horizontal Curve Data
Vertical Curve Data Construction Limits Existing and Proposed Right of Way Begin and End Station with SP Numbers Bar scales and North Arrow Superelevation (if applicable) Station Equations (if applicable) Label Removal and Construction Items

23 Plan Format Cross Sections
Cross Sections cover the entire project limits Spacing adequate to compute earthwork quantities. Right of Way and Temporary Easement Lines required Include Centerline and Entrance Culverts Station to Station Limits in lower right corner

24 Ad for Bid/Letting Date
Local Agency Sets Letting Date Schedules Letting Date in Consultation with State Aid State Aid provides Local Agency with required Ad Language Local agency prepares ad Local Agency Submits Ad to State Aid for Review and Approval Upon approval, Local Agency submits ad to Constr. Bulletin and local paper DO NOT PLACE AD UNTIL NOTIFIED BY STATE AID

25 DCP Packet/Proposal Fed. Aid Project Manager prepares DCP Packet
Contains Required Federal Components Do Not add any Special Programs that Contain a Goal or Conflict with any of the Mn/DOT Language Local Agency submits Proposal for Review Federal Aid Project Manager reviews Document for Required Federal Language/Documents Final Proposal Copies Submitted to State Aid 3 Copies for our File and Distribution

26 Project Award Local Agency notifies State Aid of low bidder/amount
Local Agency notifies low bidder to submit Request for DBE Certification to Civil Rights (DCP 03) Local Agency sends Pre-Award Information to Civil Rights (DCP 04) Civil Rights certifies DBE Participation and notifies LPA DO NOT AWARD UNTIL NOTIFIED BY CIVIL RIGHTS OFFICE.

27 Bikeways State Aid Rules 8’ minimum width (10’ desired)
2’ shoulder/clear zone 20 mph design speed (30 mph for >4% and 500’) 10’ vertical clearance

28 Bikeways Mn/DOT Bikeway Facility Design Manual
Separation between path and roadway (Fig. 5-4) Typically 4’ urban; depends on roadway posted speed Separation/clear zone different material than trail or striping Safety Railing on steep slopes if separation is less than 5 ft (Figure 5-16) 3:1 or greater and drop off is 6’ or more 2:1 or greater and drop off is 4’ or more 1:1 or greater and drop off is 2’ or more

29 Bikeways Mn/DOT Bikeway Facility Design Manual
On Road Facilities (Chapter 4) Table 4-1 and 4-2 for bikeway design ADT and motor vehicle speed determine design selection Dedicated Bicycle lanes Shoulders (at least 4’ in width) Wide Outside Lanes Shared Lanes See Chapter 4 for detailed description and guidance on the selection of on-road facilities.

30 Signal Justification Reports
SJR is required for: New signal installation Complete reconstruction of existing signal Major geometric change at intersection SJL (justification letter) can be used for: Revision to existing signal Addition of EVP ICE (intersection control evaluation) is required if any leg is a Trunk Highway.

31 Signal Justification Reports
SJR Contents Title/Signature Page Index Map Intersection Layout (existing and proposed) Project Description Warrant Analysis and Summary Justification Statement Appendix with counts, studies, etc. SJL Contents Letter of description and justification with signature blocks at the end Warrant Analysis

32 Helpful Resources State Aid Websites
State Aid Manual – Chapter 5.4 Plans & Proposals State Aid Rules DCP Checklist Minnesota Bikeway Guidelines


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