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AQD Fee Proposal Air Quality Advisory Council February 5, 2008.

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1 AQD Fee Proposal Air Quality Advisory Council February 5, 2008




5 Income/Expenses – Historical (in dollars) Historical Data (FISCAL YEAR)FY 2001FY 2002FY 2003FY 2004FY 2005FY 2006FY 2007 Non Title V Fee Income (Loss)321,069702,153845,017614,724636,6211,490,7011,843,941 Title V Income (Loss)-1,176,081343,500-705,441-878,528-89,676-889,430-1,399,828 Percentage Split33-6726-7428-7222-7828-7226-7421-79

6 Title V Program Stopped paying for itself in 2003 Result of Agency Regulatory Oversight Continuum and the shift of Division resources to facilities with the greatest risk of causing environmental harm Workload increased with additional delegation of NSPS, NESHAPS, 111d plans, increased modeling & monitoring, new national programs, and potential ozone non-attainment Resources shifted from minor sources to TV due to –Permit Exempt Rule increased to 40 tons from 5 tons for emission year 2005 –Increased use of General Operating Permits TV has been subsidized by increased General Revenue intended for toxics program since FY06

7 Potential Increase to Minor Source Workload New MACT and NSPS requirements for engines regardless of horsepower EPA to require public review for minor source permits Pressure from EPA to reverse Permit Exempt and again permit sources emitting 5 tons per year or more of a criteria pollutant Increased permitting due to Oil & Gas boom Increased work due to potential ozone non- attainment

8 Air Quality Fee History Fee Year Emission Year Title V Fee (in dollars) Minor Source Fee (in dollars) Fee Level (tons) 1994 199315.19 10 1995 199415.58 10 1996 199516.03 10 1997 199616.39 5 1998 199717.12 5 1999 199817.5117.125 2000 199918.1017.125 2001 200018.5917.125 2002 200122.28 5 2003 200222.7522.285 2004 200323.3622.285 2005 2004 24.20 22.2840 2006200525.1222.2840 2007200632.30*25.12*40 *without CPI applied

9 AQD Full Program Needs TotalTitle VNon-Title V Fee7,314,6915,737,9821,576,709 UST Fund400,000 0 State1,483,0300 Federal1,074,8210 Total Income10,272,5426,137,9824,134,560 Expenses: Salaries & Fringes8,999,1927,127,1671,872,025 Other3,634,4671,915,3821,719,085 Total Expenses12,633,6599,042,5493,591,110 Net Income (Loss)-2,361,117-2,904,567543,450

10 New Revenue Proposal Air Program Shortfall$2,361,117 –Less Income from Doubling TV Permit Fees$ 168,150 –Less TV CPI Adjustment$ 108,647 –Less Income from Doubling NTV Permit Fees$ 302,650 –Less NTV CPI Adjustment$ 25,160 Shortfall remaining$1,756,510 Non Title V Proposed Revenue Remains the Same $ 162,402 Remaining Shortfall $1,594,108 –Divided by 221,729 tons = $7.18 per ton TV pollutant


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