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Welcome to Kingsway Middle School

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1 Welcome to Kingsway Middle School
7th Grade Parent Orientation

2 Welcome & Overview - Mr. Walton, Principal

3 Who’s who? Mr. Walton - Principal Mrs. Burton - Assistant Principal
Mr. Tonelli - Assistant Principal Mr. Hunt & Mrs. Kupsey - Guidance Counselors Mrs. Craig - School Nurse Mr. Galliera - Athletic Director

4 Overview of the Orientation
Students Parents Assigned to a classroom Information presented by the Student Council Tour of the Building Q & A Meeting in the Cafeteria Receive/review information folder Self guided tour of the building if desired Meet your child in the gymnasium after the presentation

5 Kingsway Middle School
Opened in September 2006 36 full size classrooms 8 small group instruction rooms 2 “computer” classrooms 4 science labs Band/Instructional room 6,000 square foot Media Center All rooms equipped with digital projectors 85% of the classrooms equipped with Promethean Boards 3 mobile laptop carts

6 Kingsway Middle School Student Enrollment


8 Communication is the Key!!
Website- E-News- Periodic information sent via Phone Extensions-listed in your “Survival Guide” Monthly Newsletter- sent home via e-news (sample in folder)

9 School Security All doors are locked at all times Buzzer system
Security cameras Visitors must sign in at the main office Student ID cards…lunch accounts and media center School Resource Officer Global Connect Make sure you have a plan

10 What’s next? Health Office Mailing - Early June 2012
Self Guided Building Tours - August 2012 Summer Mailing - Late August 2012 Periodic General Information s-Sign Up for E-News!! First Day of School – Thursday, September 6th Back to School Night - Thursday, September 13th

11 - Discipline & Activities -
Mrs. Burton, Assistant Principal

12 Student/Parent Handbook
Located in student agenda and on the district website Great source of helpful information, procedures, and rules

13 Student Discipline Behavior management begins at the classroom level. Teacher discipline may include: Teacher Warnings Parent Notification Lunch Detentions After School Detentions Students meet with team of teachers

14 Student Discipline Administrative discipline supports the expectations of classroom teachers, and may include: Administrative Warnings Administrative Detention Restricted Study External Suspension

15 Student Discipline Good Student Standing Mediation
Parent contact is made with administrative consequences

16 Student Discipline All electronic devices are to be turned off and kept in the locker throughout the school day. School wide dress code is outlined in the student/parent handbook. No students are to be after school unsupervised.

17 Harassment, Bullying, Intimidation
New law effective September 2011 H, B, and I include written, verbal, or physical acts, gestures, and electronic communications that cause substantial disruption, and either insult or demean a student, create a hostile educational environment or severely cause physical or emotional harm to another student.

18 Harassment, Bullying, Intimidation
Be aware of your child’s online activities: texting, social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace), instant messaging, etc. If there is an issue with another student, print the entire dialog and have your child bring it to an administrator.

19 Student Activities District has adopted a “pay to play” policy:
$50 one time for unlimited attendance to clubs and activities $400 maximum per family Fee collection process is under review Several payment options will be available, including an online payment option

20 Activities & Clubs Game Club KMS News Cooking Club Musical
Fuel Up To Play 60 Performing Arts Club KMS News Musical Play Student Council Yearbook Art Club

21 Wellness Activities Flag Football Floor Hockey Softball Volleyball
Basketball Track

22 Transportation PM parent pick-up line forms in the parking lot; access road in front of school must remain open for busses. Students must ride assigned bus and get on and off bus at designated stop.

23 Transportation Late Bus Monday  Thursday, leaves MS at 3:55
Rides must be here prior to busses departing Perimeter run

24 Alternate Transportation
Students getting a ride from someone other than their parent/guardian must have a note from both parties involved. Notes must be submitted to the main office. Busses are at capacity and cannot accommodate additional students.

25 Student ID Cards All students are provided with a student ID card
Students must have ID card to purchase a lunch in the cafeteria and in the media center to check out a book. Used as debit card in the cafeteria Replacement ID cards are $3.00

26 Mr. Tonelli - Assistant Principal
Teams & Technology - Mr. Tonelli - Assistant Principal

27 The Current Grade 7 Structure
Three teams – 5 teachers on each Math, Science, Social Studies, English & Literature Approximately 140 students per team Students randomly placed Heterogeneous grouping – Math is the exception Accelerated math program All math programs have increased rigor

28 The Team Concept Research supports this structure
Especially effective with this age group Supportive learning environment Relationships built on trust Adult teachers and mentors Strong peer bonds

29 Team Meetings Teachers and counselor Initial focus on transition
Interdisciplinary planning Action plans for individual students Meet with students Parent conferences (Parents, too, are team members)

30 * Parent access – late September *
Power-School Parent Portal Screen * Parent access – late September *

31 Kingsway Newsgroup Sign up through website Messages from superintendent’s office, HS, MS, athletics, nurse, and more Sign up tonight!

32 Guidance Counselors Mr. Hunt & Mrs. Kupsey

33 Elective Form & Registration Form
SCHOOL VISITATIONS Parent Letter Elective Form Registration Form - DUE DATE - Elective Form & Registration Form FRIDAY, MAY 25th Your child should give paperwork to their homeroom teacher 

English – English, Communications Lab Literature – Literature, Communications Lab Math – Honors Pre-Algebra I, Math 7, Math Lab Science – General Science Social Studies – Social Studies Health / Physical Education Exploratory Program – French, Spanish, Italian, and Business Applications (per quarter) ELECTIVE(S) – Cycles (art, math plus, study skills, & music OR orchestra/strings OR chorus OR band

35 MATHEMATICS The following math placements will be made based on his/her 6th grade math average & most recent standardized test scores. MATH CLASSES: * Honors Pre-Algebra * Math 7

36 - one per marking period -
ELECTIVES Students may choose one of the following: Orchestra/strings Chorus Band OR Cycle Classes - one per marking period - Art Math plus Study Skills Music

37 Math Lab and/or Communications Lab
LABS In some instances, a basic skills class in math and/or language arts may replace a chosen elective. Students who have not met the minimal level of proficiency on the NJ ASK 6 will be required to take… Math Lab and/or Communications Lab

38 ACADEMIC HELP Power-School: online grade book Teacher Help
Academic Tutoring Agenda Book Homework Clinic Team Meetings Guidance Counselor

39 Things To Know… PE Uniform  purchase at school
School Supplies  check website Combination Locks  attached to hall locker Student Schedule  9 pds: 8 classes & lunch No Recess! Obligations  physicals, library books, borrowed clothes, lunch charges, textbooks Ineligible List  2 or more failures per MP

40 - School Nurse - Caroll Craig, RN, BSN, CSN

41 New Student Physical ALL students entering the KRSD MUST have a physical completed. Physical must be within 365 days of entering the school, i.e. for the 2012/13 school year the earliest the physical date can be is September 5, 2011. Physicals are due by August 15, 2012. Forms can be mailed to the Middle School Health Office or dropped off in the MS Main Office during the summer months.

42 Physical Form This form can be used for new student physical
This form MUST be used for sports participation as mandated by the state

43 Physical Form- Part A Part A- pages 1-3 MUST be completed by parent

44 Physical Form-Part B Part B- pages 1-4
Student Information to be completed by parents The rest of the form is to be completed by a physician/ physicians assistant/ nurse practitioner

45 Do not send money with forms!!!
Sports Physicals The state physical form can be used as both a new student and sports form- you do not need separate physicals. The physical must have been done no longer than 365 days prior to the first day of official practice to be eligible to play. When all forms have been returned to the Health Office and your child has been approved to participate, you will be mailed the notification of approval. Fees are not due until final roster is set. Do not send money with forms!!!

46 Physicals (continued)
An information packet with all necessary health forms will be mailed by early June. If you do not receive the mailing by mid-June, please contact the Health Office so that another one can be sent out. The NJ State Physical form will be in the mailing. THE PHYSICAL IS CONSIDERED AN OBLIGATION. Your child will not receive their report card, be eligible to attend any field trips, or participate in any sports until the physical is received.

47 Medications at School NO medications are administered on school property without a doctor’s order, including OTC (over the counter) medications. Students are NOT permitted to carry any medicine on them during school. If caught, they will be subject to the discipline code. Exception: Inhaler, Epi-pen, insulin pump – with written doctor’s order on file in the Health Office

48 Medications (cont.) Medication administration forms may be found on the district web-site. Medication orders, from the doctor, must also be signed by a parent/guardian and medication brought in its original container by the parent/guardian of the student. If you are filling a Rx, ask pharmacist to give you a second labeled bottle for the medication to be used at school.

49 Physical Education Excusals
One-day excusals An injury that occurs during that school day. Parent note requesting pe excusal for minor injury. Any more time needed must be accompanied by a doctor’s note. Long-term excusal Doctor’s note required. No pe excusals will be given without a parent or doctor note – no exceptions!

50 Absentee Policy Unexcused absences Excused absences
Allowed 12 per school year Parent call/note regarding child’s reason for absence Vacations!! Excused absences Written doctor note for illness/injury Student sent home from Health Office for illness/injury

51 Excused Absences Any student sent home from the Health Office is considered excused. If a student calls their parent from the Main Office to pick them up because they are not feeling well - it will be considered an UNexcused absence. If a student texts their parent for pick-up due to illness, not only is the absence unexcused but they will also be subject to the discipline code. I have the power to send kids home UNexcused, if I feel that the courtesy is being exploited.

52 Students Sent Home Students will be sent home if they have a fever, serious injury, or witnessed vomiting. Preference of keeping students here at school. My mom/dad said, “Go to the nurse and I will come pick you up.” is not a free pass to leave school.

53 Personal Hygiene Deodorant (extra deodorant for pe classes), shower daily, clean clothing-including your PE uniform, brush teeth daily. First teacher/administration referral – student called down to health office. Second referral – student called down and parent notification.

54 Questions Any questions or concerns, please call the Middle School Health office at ext

55 - Athletics - Mr. Galliera, Athletic Director

56 Interscholastic Sports $75
Interscholastic Sports $75.00 Registration Fee is due after the roster of each team is finalized. BOYS Soccer Cross Country Basketball Track GIRLS Soccer Cross Country Field Hockey Basketball Track

57 Athletics Athletic Web-site :
PHYSICAL FORMS/PERMISSION FORMS: Due no Later than Sept. 1. A students can only tryout for a fall team if all forms are submitted and he/she is cleared to participate by the school nurse. DO NOT DELAY.

58 Athletics 1st Day of Practice: Monday, Sept. 10
Final Rosters: Monday, Sept. 17 REGISTRATION FEE ($75.00) - Payments 9/17 to 9/21 Send or drop off in the MS Main Office or Athletic Office  

59 Thank you for attending! Have a wonderful summer!

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