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Trnsport SiteManager Materials Management and LIMS Presentation Thursday, March 5 Diane Menz, PMP Info Tech, Inc. Project Manager.

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1 Trnsport SiteManager Materials Management and LIMS Presentation Thursday, March 5 Diane Menz, PMP Info Tech, Inc. Project Manager

2 Agenda Introductions Trnsport SiteManager Materials Management and LIMS Information Materials Management and LIMS Demonstration –Overview and Process Flows LIMS Recap Additional Questions -

3 Introductions Connecticut Illinois LouisianaMinnesota MissouriMontana NebraskaNew Mexico OklahomaSouth Carolina TexasVermont Additional Attendees Info Tech, Inc.New York

4 Cost Estimation P,S&E Estimate Proposal Preparation Contractor Management Bid Letting Construction Management Decision Support Contract Award What is SiteManager? Jointly developed, comprehensive construction management software product used by transportation agencies that covers the complete construction contract (award through completion) and materials management processes. Materials Management

5 SiteManager Estimation BAMS/DSS Data Warehouse Bid Lettings Projects & Proposals Expedite & Bid Express Expedite & Bid Express Estimator CES Trns port Intranet Construction LAS PES CAS FieldManager

6 Functional Areas Contract/Contractor Management –contract (project, category, & item) & reference definition (item master, vendors, funding sources, & DOT offices), contract funding, stockpiles, force accounts, disputes/claims, subcontracts, document submission, checklist event & key date definition & tracking, and many more functions

7 Functional Areas (contd) Contractor payments –automatic estimate generation based on authorized work; automatic adjustments for retainage, stockpiles, materials deficiency, and liquidated damages; full manual adjustment capable; automated approval work flow Contract modifications (i.e., change orders) –quantity changes, time extensions, scope of contract; automated approval work flow

8 Functional Areas (contd) Project-oriented civil rights monitoring –DBE compliance; EEO monitoring; wage & labor automated tracking; on-the-job training automated tracking and payment; contractor payrolls System administration and configuration –User security; group security; code tables; system operational parameters for defaults; template facilities

9 Functional Areas (contd) Materials management –Material definition; automated material associations to contract items; approved lists (samplers, testers, calibrated equipment, welders, qualified labs, producer/suppliers, etc.); sampling and testing requirement definition; standard AASHTO tests & unlimited user- definable templates; tracking of contract sampling and testing requirements

10 Functional Areas Field data collection –Daily Work Reports (DWR) - incl. weather, contractor staff & equipment, DOT staff & vehicles, extensive remark capabilities, work item progress, & force account progress; DWR templates; record attachments –Materials sampling & testing

11 Configurable Features Generic Fields Report Template Facility (RTF) –programming language developed by Info Tech –used for the development of reports, import and export processes, etc. Attachments –allows execution of plug-ins, OLE, or URLs from many areas of application –Security (access controlled by user groups)

12 Generic Fields Example

13 Configurable Features Daily Work Report Templates –associated with contract items –part of daily inspection process Custom List & Records Templates –associated with contracts –part of contract records process Material Test Templates –associated with contract materials –part of sampling process – allows entry of test results

14 DWR Template Example Roadway Loop

15 23 Transportation Agencies, including New Brunswick (California and Ohio have Evaluation License) SiteManager Licensees

16 SiteManager Use ~ 23 Licensees 19 in full production –9 Construction and Materials –10 Construction only 3 in process of implementing Materials 3 in process of Implementation –2 implementing Materials with Construction 1 Licensing

17 SiteManager Laboratory Information Management System (SM LIMS) Integrate material management and lab management Restrict access to samples and tests –Based on qualifications and lab units Assign default tests

18 SiteManager LIMS Queue Concept –Controls Who does What and When Define sample testing workflow –Include alternative workflows –Include test-triggered events Establish material sample chain of custody –Keeps record of all labs that received sample –Keeps record of edits to test data

19 Workflow between SiteManagers Materials Management and LIMS Components

20 Hierarchy of Labs

21 SiteManager Demonstration

22 Recap ~ LIMS Features Receive at Destination Lab (Receiving Dock) –Indicate sample received at lab building –Step may be omitted for field tests or samples shipped directly to Lab Unit Receive at Lab Unit (Lab Technician) –Indicate sample received in lab for testing –Step may be omitted for field tests performed when the sample is logged.

23 LIMS Features Maintain Test Queue (Lab Manager) –Assign qualified testers –Cancel tests or add more tests –Assign due dates –Indicate priority –Monitor sample/tests progress

24 LIMS Features Enter Test Results Queue (Lab Technician) –Enters test results and marks test as complete –LIMS moves test to Review Tests queue Review Tests Queue (Lab Supervisor/Manager) –Tests approved, or re-queued or order re-test –When all tests approved, LIMS moves sample to Review Samples queue

25 LIMS Features Review Samples Queue (Product Owner) –Reviews all sample tests to either return a test to the Review Tests queue or order re-test or –Authorizes sample –Sample status updated from LIMS View-only Sample data –Control access with group security –Display sample and test data/remarks

26 LIMS Features Customize window layout and data views (User) –Choose column and sort order –Easy-to-use filters tailor data displayed –View / compare test data in a grid Audit and track –Track sample and test status in LIMS workflow –View prior test results –Audit changes made to user records

27 LIMS Features Configure the LIMS system (Administrator) –Use established reference data from SiteManager –LIMS system parameters and code tables –Default and required tests assignment per material sample type –Group material products for authorization –LIMS alternative workflow and triggered events –LIMS window security

28 Key AASHTO Trnsport Benefits National user group of other transportation agencies results in sharing of solutions and costs Design incorporates best practices of participating transportation agencies Licensees acquire a comprehensive, state-of-the- art system at a fraction of the development cost Maintenance & continuing enhancements are responsibility of AASHTO

29 Key AASHTO Trnsport Benefits Together with other Trnsport products, provides an integrated cradle to grave solution for construction design and administration life-cycle Promotes agency standardization and greater accountability Eliminates many manual processes and activities Streamline auditing – electronic records

30 Any Additional Questions?

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