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The Open Source Developer's Kit Scott Wheeler Nortoc Inc. January 14, 2003.

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1 The Open Source Developer's Kit Scott Wheeler Nortoc Inc. January 14, 2003

2 Agenda OSDK Goals OSS Projects Tracked Demos /Examples

3 OSDK Goals Provide developers with a means to effectively organize, review, learn and apply the vast amount of Open Source software available today. Prove that Open Source software can create an environment that is as complete and robust as commercial software alternatives. Assumptions & Bias We assume that the following issues exist for the typical developer in larger, corporate environments and therefore much of the OSDK is biased on that perspective. Difficult to convince management that OSS solutions are a viable alternative to commercial software. Difficult to filter through all the OSS and find what you need. No roadmap to understand where each OSS project fits within the development process. No confidence that you have found all the OSS that addresses your needs. No means to judge the quality of the OSS.

4 OSS Projects Organization Alphabetically Architecture (e.g. J2EE,.Net, etc..) Project Category (IDE, Database, XML, Connectivity, etc..) Development Life Cycle Inception/Discovery (Analysis) Elaboration (Design) Construction (Coding) Transition (Testing/Migration) Production (does anyone using RUP support apps?)

5 Demos Apache Tomcat Eclipse Ant Threadworks

6 Apache Install Configure Directories Enable Proxy (for Tomcat)

7 Tomcat Install Configure Directories

8 Eclipse Java based IDE Base for IBM's Websphere Studio Extensible Add new Editors Configure Views Build in support for CVS Refactoring

9 ANT XML / Java Based Build tool (replacement for make) Extensible Quickly becoming a Defacto Standard

10 Threadworks Java Threading Library Simplifies Threading Runs tasks asynchronously. Makes coordination between multiple tasks easy. Optionally generates completion events. Includes Scheduler that support time-based and custom dependencies. Includes tunables for server-side applications including enterprise beans, and CORBA services. Generates usage statistics to make performance problems easier to diagnose. Includes simple API that's easy to learn

11 Open Source solutions exist for every aspect of software development and deployment Open Source is being used by commercial software vendors The commercial software business model is changing. Organizations are realizing significant benefits in Open Source usage. Summary

12 Reference Sites

13 Questions

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