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Chapter Two Section Two. The Birth of a Democratic Nation.

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1 Chapter Two Section Two

2 The Birth of a Democratic Nation

3 American Ideas vs. British Control For almost 100 years, American colonial governments enjoyed relative self - government from Britain. In 1760, King George III takes the throne and demands more control over America

4 King George III (1760 – 1820)

5 French & Indian War

6 The French & Indian War ( ) made things worse. The war was extremely expensive for the British government, leading to increased taxes in America.

7 No Taxation Without Representation American colonists resented these new taxes by the British. Since they had no representation in the British Parliament, they felt they should not have to pay taxes.

8 No Taxation Without Representation Today, citizens of Washington DC do NOT have voting representation in the U.S. Congress. Is this the same thing as it was in 1765?

9 Boston Tea Party

10 First Continental Congress (1774)

11 King Georges Response

12 Second Continental Congress (1775)

13 Declaration of Independence

14 Independence – self reliance and freedom from outside control. Written by Thomas Jefferson

15 Declaration of Independence Part I: Preamble This explains why the Continental Congress drew up this declaration.

16 Declaration of Independence Part II: Declaration of Natural Rights This lists the rights of the citizens, explaining that in a republic, the people form the government to protect their rights.

17 Declaration of Independence Part III: List of Grievances This lists the colonists complaints against the British government (singling out King George for the blame).

18 Declaration of Independence Part IV: Resolution of Independence This declares that the colonies are Free and Independent States with full power to make war, form alliances, and trade with others.

19 Uncertain Future??

20 Benjamin Franklins drawing from the 1750s. Franklin stressed that the colonies must be united if they are to prevail against Great Britain.

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