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The Persian Gulf War E period Dominic W. 4-17-08.

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1 The Persian Gulf War E period Dominic W. 4-17-08

2 Persian War title The Persian war was a conflict between two wars Iraq and Kuwait. which Iraq invaded Kuwait.

3 Information In 1990 Iraq invaded its tiny neighbor after a few talks about the war break down over the oil production problem dept repayment. But the thing is that president Bush think that the invasion was meant to be to be intended to invad Kuwait.

4 Continue Technology effected both sides in the Gulf War in many ways. But one of Iraq most powerful weapons were the SCUD missiles. But Iraq was extremely wealthy. But Iraq did not have much access to the Gulf.

5 Continue on The Persian Gulf war was said to be one of the most bloodiest matches in the courageous in history. This war was fought by to different dreams: freedom and a and a new way of life. The war was in fact still going on through August 20 th 1988.

6 More Info In the Persian gulf war the first prisoner was release on march 4 th.But still although the war was a decisive military victory for the coalition, Kuwait and Iraq suffered enormous property damage, and Saddam Hussein was not removed from power. In 1993 the United States, France, and Britain launched several air and cruise- missile strikes against Iraq.

7 Even more info In October, Congress approved the use of force against Iraq, and in November the Security Council passed a resolution offering Iraq a final opportunity to cooperate on arms inspections. By middle April, 2003, Hussein's army and government had collapsed, he had disappeared, and the allies were largely in control of the major Iraqi cities.

8 Final info On May 1, President Bush declared victory in the war against Iraq. Hussein was captured in Dec., 2003. In 2004, he was transferred to Iraqi legal custody; tried and convicted of crimes against humanity, he was executed in 2006.

9 Questions What was the Persian Gulf War What did Iraq do in 1990 Was the Persian Gulf War a very bloody fight When was the Persian first prisoner release When was Hussein captured When day did Bush declare victory On April 23 rd 2003 what happen to Hussein army Was the war still going on through August 20 th 1988 Was Iraq really wealthy

10 Answers A conflict between to armies Invade some tiny neighbors Yes March 4 th Dec. 2003 May 1 st Hussein army collapsed The war was still going on Iraq was very wealthy

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