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Electoral College “Electors”.

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1 Electoral College “Electors”


3 How Many Electoral Votes Are Required to Win?
There are a total of What is a majority? How do we arrive at 538 electoral votes?

4 How many electoral votes does New Jersey have and why?
New Jersey have __ electoral votes Senators = 2 Representatives in the House = 12

5 What is the Electoral College?

6 How the Electoral College Works
The people in each state

7 How Many Electoral Votes Does Each State Get?
Remember, the number of electors from each state is based on the state’s representation in Congress. For example, the most populous state, __________, has 55 electors. The least populous states—Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and _____________—have three electors each. The map below shows how many electoral votes each state has.



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