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Apalachee PTO Meeting and Dinner September 27 th 2007.

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1 Apalachee PTO Meeting and Dinner September 27 th 2007

2 A moment of thanks to all the people involved Teachers & Staff – For doing what they do!! 750 + children everyday WOW!!!! Parents whom volunteer ( What a great Feeling) Parents for coming tonight ( What could be more important) OUR CHILDREN ( THE SHINING STARS OF APALACHEE)

3 Agenda for tonight Elect President, V.P. Secretary. What is Title One? Current events Upcoming Events What we can do for the school! What the school can do for us!!! ( as parents)

4 Title One We have the honor to be a title one school. –Is intended to help ensure that all children obtain a higher education –Provides extra funds to individual schools –Must have a percentage of parent involvement yearly

5 Election of Officers Need Volunteers for President, Vice President, Secretary ( ballot 2 nd page of handout) Fund raiser coordinators Become involved in individual classrooms ( Homeroom Moms) Volunteer List Morning in cafeteria over 200 kids get breakfast in less then 30 minutes everyday Library aides not just to reshelf books we have the book fair coming

6 Current Events Cookie Dough Fundraiser Over 700 pieces of cookie dough sold WOW!!!! Raised over $3000 for the school Where does the money go? New remodel equipment not covered under the budget School supplies Field trips Monthly awards Birthdays

7 Current fundraising School collection of Box tops for education Campbells label for education Recycle inkjet cartridge and old cell phones Direct TV 3-4 times a year will be Chick-fil-a Working with Capital Lanes Skate Night at SkateWorld Last Tuesday of every month What a great turn out this month biggest we ever had …special thanks to the teachers that were there.

8 Upcoming Fundraisers Events Christmas fundraiser Valentine Roses in February Mothers & Fathers Day

9 Upcoming activities at school Multi-culture week ( was wonderful last year) Tapestry Singers Annie is this year play ( last year 101) Grade level performances Field Trips ( some grade levels ) End of the year Family day ( for completed compacts ) tonight counts on that check it off!!!

10 PTO vs PTA Whats the difference! Independence vs Affilation PTA avg $850 per year in dues We a control our own funds No national communication programs New website

11 5 Reasons to get Involved 1.Higher Grades 2.Better behavior 3.Improved education 4.Increased confidence 5.Parents benefit, too.

12 Finding Balance (we have 101 things) Spending time together and talk Weighing the Options The Morning rush –Get a head start on tomorrow after dinner Cut down on outside activities –It will be hard but will worth it!

13 What can you do to help? Volunteer (Cafeteria, In class, Library, PTO) our children notice and will enjoy seeing you here. Take part in the school ( PTO, SAC School or district) Get involved (WHY NOT!!!!) they are our children! ( I like to know what is going on) Monthly compact (collect your points, tonight counts) Do you know a company that would like to partner with the school?

14 What the school has for us!!! Stars Program Media Dept. Arts Department –Singers –Dramas –Music

15 How to contact your PTO The best way is by e-mail – –Call the school (I have a mailbox and check my messages) –I am normally here on Wednesday morning. –The PTO board meets up the 2 nd Tuesday of the month all concerns/comments will be address there.

16 In the Packet Inside the packet is some GREAT information not only for the school but for home. Hand Washing very important –A lot of children and parents getting sick with the change in season.

17 Cookie Dough pickup Please pickup your cookie dough at the end of meeting Top Grade level sellers –Free pizza from papa johns Pre-k – Alexis Franklin K- Kari Zeller 4 th – Chelsea Jackson 1 st - Alfred Washington 5 th- Najavia Davis 2 nd – Tatiana Qevedd 3 rd - Ashli Price

18 Cool Website! –Only 37% of children know where Iraq is on the map & 50% do not know where NY is….wow explore the earth from space….really cool On the school web page Join the list serve (e-mail from the school)

19 Any Questions The Floor is open to you. You can e-mail us at

20 Thank you Ruth, Darcy & Shirley ( run the show up front !!!) All Teachers, staff & assist teachers Volunteers Parents and students ( the shining stars)

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