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The Korean War Project The Korean War By: T.Searcy (***) P.Patel 4-17-08 C Period.

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2 The Korean War Project The Korean War By: T.Searcy (***) P.Patel 4-17-08 C Period

3 The Korean War June 25, 1950 North Korea attacks South Korea President Truman asked U.N. send forces to help South Korea fight. With U.N. fighting with South Korea they managed to push North Korea all the way back to the 38 th Parallel and get back there capitol Seoul

4 The Korean War (cont.) After the north was out of the south, The South invaded the north capturing the City and Capitol of North Korea Pyongyang As the South kept moving North the U.S. got a notice if the invasion of North Korea continued China would send troops to help fight with North Korea Since U.N. & South Korea didnt stop on November 26 huge numbers of troops launched a attack on U.N.

5 The Korean War (cont.) By January 1951 U.N. managed to stop there retreat. By launching a counter offensive attack the retook Seoul an pushed communist back a crossed the 38 th Parallel As the war dragged on President Truman started to negotiate to end the war. But Mac Arthur how ever argued that U.N. should now Invade China On April 11,1951 President Truman relieved Mac Arthur from his command in Korea.

6 The Korean War (cont.) The two sides started to negotiate the ending of the war in July 1951. The talk lasted 2 years before signing a Cease Fire Agreement Paper in July 27,1953 The agreement ending the war created a Demilitarized Zone where a regions military force could not enter North or South Korea. The Korean War ended with neither side achieving victory and almost no change in Territory.

7 The Korean War Impact On U.S. The Korean War has impacted U.S. in Social Change and Race Relations.

8 The Quiz What date did North Korea attack South Korea? June 25, 1950 Who helped fight with South Korea? U.N. Who helped fight with North Korea? China Who was the President of South Korea? Truman Who was the General help South Korea? Mac Arthur How many year did it take them to negotiate? 2 Years What date did both side start negotiating? July 1951 What date did they sign the Cease Fire Agreement Papers? July 27, 1953 What type of zone did the Agreement Paper make? Demilitarized Zone What couldnt enter the zone? Another Regions Military

9 Bibliography American Journey Book ling_exhibitions/forgotten_war.html?_ kk=korean%20war&_kt=6b7f6e84- ea00-4ea4-8624- 4cd2b848aa7b&gclid=CJ2I2- nA8ZICFQMzgQodxBs7IQ

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