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Name Date Insert Graphic Period

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1 Name Date Insert Graphic Period
Creative Title Name Date Insert Graphic Period

2 Timeline of WWII Events
Include major events or battles surrounding WWII. There should be at least 10 events listed. Place these items in chronological order.

3 Map of Alliances Who are the Allied Powers? Who are the Axis Powers?
Map of Countries

4 Causes of WWII List at least 4 causes of WWII and briefly explain each

5 Topic of Interest For slides numbered 5,6,7, and 8, students will select 4 of the 10 WWII interest topics on which to conduct research and develop informative pages. Interest Topics: Remember Pearl Harbor-USA Enters WWII Rosie the Riveter-Women Enter the Work Force Tuskegee Airmen Holocaust-Nazi Concentration Camps Hitler’s Plan to Conquer the World Japanese Americans are Sent to Relocation Camps Atomic Bombs are used on Japan-Manhattan Project Americans Tighten their Belts-Rationing in the USA Churchill Claims Victory American Heroes

6 Topic of Interest

7 Topic of Interest

8 Topic of Interest

9 American Patriotism Describe the songs and posters used in American to rally patriotism during the war. Some visual arts were used as propaganda, explain the use of your example.

10 Chart the Costs of War Research the internet to collect data about the costs (financial and lives) of WWII. Use graphs and charts to demonstrate your data.

11 Effects of War Explain the effects WWII had on America and our global community.

12 Answer to the Essential Question
“WAR! What is it good for?” Students write a personal reaction to the essential question.

13 Images of War Select a single piece of American artwork during the time of WWII that communicates the impact of war on society. Describe, Analyze, Interpret and Evaluate the artwork in a personal reaction statement.

14 Works Cited Create a Works Cited slide for the resources used for this presentation. Use MLA style to document your references.

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