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2 REQUEST OF HELP 1093 AD Alexius Comnenus sent letter to Robert, Count of Flanders Asked for help against Muslim Turks Threatening Constantinople Pope Urban II read the letter

3 Council of Clermont Urban II preached about importance of Crusades

4 CRUSADES Holy War - 4 main wars Goals
Gain control of Jerusalem and Holy Land Rid of Muslim Control Lasted 200 yrs - 50,000-60,000 soldiers If you die, you go to heaven “God wills it” Economic and Religious motives

5 1ST CRUSADE 1095 – 1099 Against Seljuk Turks Defended Constantinople
Gained control of Jerusalem Crusader States est. Kingdom of Jerusalem est.

6 2ND CRUSADE 1145-1149 Muslims conquered Edessa
Crusaders attacked Damascus Failed Muslims gain more control in Holy Land 1187 – Muslims capture Jerusalem

7 3RD CRUSADE 1189-1192 King’s Crusade Phillip Augustus – France
Frederick I - Holy Roman (drowned) Richard the Lion Hearted - England Phillip and Richard argued Phillip went home

Charming and ruthless City of Acre (Muslim control) Attacked the city Slaughtered ALL Saladin (leader) watched from hillside

9 SALADIN Leader of Muslims Honest and Brave In control of Jerusalem
Held off Richard and the 3rd Crusade Remained on control of Jerusalem

10 4TH CRUSADE AD Pope Innocent III called for capture of Jerusalem Recruited Italian and Byzantine leaders Venetians gained control of Crusade Attacked Christian city of Zadar Sacked Constantinople

11 LATER CRUSADES Spanish Crusade 10 Crusades total Reconquista
Effort to drive out Muslim control Muslim rule fell in 1492 Isabella and Ferdinand in power Spanish Inquisition tortured Heretics (Muslims/Jews) Expelled all Muslims and Jews

12 Juden Hunt

13 EFFECTS OF CRUSADES Lessened the power of the Pope
Weakened the Nobility Thousands of Kings lost lives and Fortunes Increased trade between Europe and Asia Developed Muslim hatred towards Christians

14 SHORT ANSWERS What did the Christians truly gain out of the Crusades?
How does the hatred developed effect our society today? Muslims and Christians Jews and Christians

15 Q&A What were the two main goals of the Crusades?
Why did you automatically go to heaven if you died fighting? What was the results of the 4 main Crusades? What was the 3rd Crusade nicknamed, why? Why would Richard the Lionhearted be considered ruthless? What were the 5 effects of the Crusades?

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