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Geology I (ERTH-1100) Fall, 2009 Syllabus Class Homepage: Instructor:Steven Roecker.

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1 Geology I (ERTH-1100) Fall, 2009 Syllabus Class Homepage: Instructor:Steven Roecker Office:SC 1W06 Phone:276-6773 Office Hours:Tuesday 3-5 (Call first to be sure) Electronic

2 Objectives This course will focus on Geological Processes in the interior of the Earth and how they are manifested at the surface. We will discuss the age and origin of the Earth, how rocks form, large scale Earth processes, and energy sources. We will also review plate tectonics and the evolution of the main features of the Earth's surface (mountains, oceans, etc.).

3 Format Material will be disseminated via twice weekly lectures and once a week labs. Your grade will be based on your performance on quizzes and exams, along with the occasional homework.

4 Meeting times Lecture: 2 lectures each week in SAGE 3303; Monday and Thursday, from 10:00 to 11:50 AM Lab: SECTION DAY TIMESBUILDING/ROOM 1100-01 W 8:00 am - 9:50 pmJ-ROWL/3W13 1100-02 W 12:00 pm - 1:50 pmJ-ROWL/3W13 1100-03 W10:00 am - 11:50 amJ-ROWL/3W13 1100-04 W 2:00 pm - 3:50 pmJ-ROWL/3W13

5 Main Text: AuthorStephen Marshak TitleEarth: Portrait of a Planet, 3rd Edition PublisherNorton ISBN0-393-92502-1 StatusRequired Lab Book: AuthorsNorris W. Jones and Charles E. Jones TitleLaboratory Manual for Physical Geology, 7th edition PublisherMcGraw-Hill StatusRequired

6 Other Reading Various articles and notes will be on reserve in Folsom or in the class reserve shelves in the headquarters of E&ES. You may read them in the E&ES headquarters but they are not to be removed from the room. There are photocopy machines in the room that can be used for a reasonable fee (see Kim Watson in the E&ES main office for more information). Some of the articles from scientific journals may also be available in the Folsom library collection.

7 Electronic Communication This class has a web site that containing pages with news relevant to the class such as updates on lectures, exams, and various review materials. The page will be updated about once a week; more often if important items come up. The URL of the web site is

8 Topics to be covered For the most part, we will cover the parts of the text of Earth: Portrait of a Planet that are relevant to the Geo I course objectives. We will, however, occasionally diverge from the text into areas of particular interest. Check the web site for updates. While the content of the course will follow the order of presentation shown in the a priori schedule, it is impossible for me to tell you beforehand exactly what the content of a particular lecture will be.a priori schedule This information will be provided via the web site (or just come to class and find out!).

9 Grading Grades will be based on performance in homework, quizzes (short tests about 15 minutes in duration - these will be announced one or two lectures in advance), hour-long exams, and labs. There will be 3 exams (two during the term and a final on the last regular day of class). Exams are cumulative and can cover all previous material from lecture and readings, although most of the questions will be on material covered since the previous exam. Quizzes may include material from the assigned readings that have not been covered in lecture. You are expected to have read the assigned chapters prior to class.

10 Weights used in calculating the final grade are assigned as follows: Homework/Short Quizzes20% Exams (3)50% Labs30%

11 Rules of the Game Missed exams may be retaken only if the instructor is satisfied with the reasons given by a student for being absent from the exam. If a student has an unavoidable conflict of significance which he/she knows about in advance of an examination he/she MUST notify the instructor prior to the day of the exam. In cases of emergency (e.g., health problems) the student MUST provide sufficient evidence of the emergency (e.g., a note from a doctor) to the instructor before any action will be considered. Exams will be retaken only at the discretion of the instructor.

12 Rules of the Game (cont.) Missed quizzes may not be retaken as the logistics are too difficult. However, I will throw out your two worst performances on quizzes before calculating your grade, so it is possible to miss two quizzes without having any impact.

13 Rules of the Game (cont.) Missed Labs: ALL labs count towards your grade. BUT NOTE that students who miss more than 3 labs will not receive credit for (i.e., will fail) Geo I. Students with valid excuses for missing labs may be able to make them up later; this will be permitted at the discretion of the TA or Instructor. As with exams, students should notify the TA or Instructor of an anticipated absence prior to the lab. In cases of emergency, some evidence of the emergency will in most cases be required. Note that any makeups must be completed as soon as possible (usually by the following week); waiting to make up early labs at the end of the term will not be permitted.

14 Rules of the Game (cont.) Policy on Cheating: It is expected that each student do his or her own work on any assignment (homeworks, quizzes, and exams). I encourage students to confer with each other for the purpose of gaining increased understanding of concepts presented in the class. However, I expect that assignments will reflect the student's own thoughts and efforts; anything else will be considered cheating. If cheating is discovered the student will receive a failing grade for the class and the case will be turned over to the Institute for additional action.

15 A Few Extra Words of Advice Pay attention to the material in the lectures (in class and on- line). Don't just go by the book. Excuses always sound better if I hear them BEFORE something is due. You are responsible for knowing what goes on in class. If you miss some part of class, you need to find out what happened. Talk to a friend, talk to me, check the web site.

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