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Notes # ____ 12.4 Tangent Ratio.

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1 Notes # ____ 12.4 Tangent Ratio

2 Vocabulary trigonometry : the study of the properties of triangles
trigonometric ratio : ratio of measures of two sides of a right triangle tangent : in a right triangle, the ratio of the leg opposite the acute angle to the leg adjacent to the acute angle

3 Definition A C B hypotenuse leg adjacent to A leg opposite A

4 Ex 1 Find tan A and tan B. A C B 41 40 9

5 Ex 2 Find tan P and tan Q. P R Q 5 4 3

6 Tangents with Angle Measurements
Ex 3 Tangents with Angle Measurements Find the measurement of DF. The tangent of an angle depends on the angle, not the size of the triangle. F D E 70 45 m

7 Ex 4 Find the measurement of QR. R Q P 55 20 m

8 Angles of Elevation and Depression
Find the measurement of DF. Applications of trigonometry may include these angles angle of depression angle of elevation

9 Ex 5 Find the height of the tree C A 5 ft 40 B 100 ft

10 Ex 6 Find the angle of elevation.
arctangent is the same as inverse tangent C 10 ft B 48 ft A

11 Ex 7 Find the angle of depression. C 760 ft B 5000 ft A

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