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Toilet Paper Can Really Help!

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1 Toilet Paper Can Really Help!
Let It Roll Adapted by Debi Rice Copyright 2010

2 Toilet means… TITLE Circle the title. Remember it is there for a reason The same for subtitles. Read them, circle them, bring them to your universe.

3 PaPer means… First P is for PICTURES
Circle them. They build understanding of the article’s content. Circling puts it in your universe. Your brain will likely remember it when you LOOK at the picture and acknowledge it by circling it.

4 PaPer also means… The second P stands for PARAGRAPH. This means read the first and last paragraphs. Why? Main idea. Tone. How did the piece start and end? Setting. Doing this before reading builds confidence in understanding.

5 So far, Toilet PaPer means…
Title Pictures Paragraphs 1st & last

6 Toilet PaPer Can… T = Title P = Pictures P = Paragraphs 1st & last
C = Captions, charts, graphs & sidebars

7 Toilet PaPer Can Really…
READ the questions to prepare to underline.

8 Toilet PaPer Can Really Help…
Read the questions To HIGHLIGHT the HELPING WORDS in the question by underlining them and/or writing them in the white space. Now …you are finally ready to read the text!

9 Toilet PaPer Can Really Help
T Title PP Pictures Paragraphs 1st & last C Captions, charts, graphs R Read the questions for helping words to H Highlight the Helping words by underlining them in each question

10 Adapted from Work created by Tracey Keim St. Petersburg High School

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