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End of Key Stage Assessments Information for parents.

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1 End of Key Stage Assessments Information for parents












13 Assessment of your child Continuous assessments are made throughout their time at school These assessments help to inform their learning They are made by school staff and monitored closely by the class teacher and head teacher Targets are set for each child at the end of year Results are for the school

14 End of Key Stage assessments In our school these are completed at: the end of the Foundation Stage- reception the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) The results are shared both locally with the county and nationally

15 Year 2 Assessments Formally known as SAT’s SAT’s were used to assess progress through tests and tasks carried out over a a short period of time.Only the results of the tests/tasks made the judgement on the pupil. Now it has changed to only Teacher Assessment

16 Teacher Assessment Assessment levels are awarded at the end of the year in reading, writing, speaking and listening, mathematics and science The levels are awarded from teacher assessments made throughout the year SAT’s tests and tasks are still used to help inform and support teacher’s judgements

17 Assessments Each child will complete: -Maths task/test -Short Writing Task -Long Writing Task -Spelling Test -Reading task/test

18 Each child’s progress is monitored by HT and CT Targets for your child have been set for the end of Year 2 Progress is monitored throughout the year Additional support is given to children not on track to achieve their target Additional support may be given to help children exceed their target

19 What are the results used for? To assess progress made by each child To set targets for the end of Key Stage 2 The school is judged on the attainment and achievement of the pupils

20 A level is awarded for each area of learning assessed. What are the levels? Level 1 (or ‘p’ level if level 1 is not achieved) Level 2c Level 2b Level 2a Level 3

21 What do the levels mean? At the end of Key Stage 1 a child achieving level 2b is making average progress. A child achieving level 2a and level 3 is making above average progress A child achieving level 1 or a ‘W’ is making below average progress.

22 On a final note…….. Remember these assessments help the school to plan learning for your child; they will never be used on a CV! Children all progress at different rates, we focus on their progress as well as attainment.

23 Examples of tests and tasks Any Questions? Take time to have a look to understand the expectations of the levels Thank you for coming

24 Any Questions? Thank you for coming

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