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North Africa Southwest Asia

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1 North Africa Southwest Asia



4 Mesopotamia Ancient Middle Eastern society here. AKA Fertile Crescent.
It worked with the hydraulic civilization theory. Cities control farms, used food as a weapon to control the hinterlands (surrounding communities). Egypt prospered too back then. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all spawn from this realm.

5 Arabs and Ottomans and Jews
Crusades were fought in the Holy Land. Christians vs. Muslims Arabs dominated much of this realm and still do. Arabs originated from Arabia. Ottoman Empire ruled most of this realm, fought the Arabs. Jews evicted from their lands by Rome.

6 Welcome Back? Jews moved all over Europe and were persecuted by many.
Jewish state came back into existence after WWII. Violence has happened there ever since. Extremist Muslims believe Israel should not exist and some states don’t recognize their government.

7 Oil This realm produces more oil than any other.
Over the last 100 years this has become the most important resource besides food.

8 North Africa Egypt – 99% Live near the Nile River or the Coast.
Tunisia - Home of the ancient Carthaginians. Libya – Qaddafi rules this country, Done good and bad things for Libya.

9 Tunisia

10 Egypt

11 Middle East Iraq – Mix of Kurds, Sunni, Shiite in one country spells trouble. Syria – Ruled by a minority dictator with harsh tactics. Jordan – has lost much territory from Israel by its creation and wars. Israel – Created in 1948, been in conflict since then. Have gained lands in Gaza, West Bank, and Golan Heights.

12 Iraq

13 Iraq Sunni Shiite Kurds

14 Syria Damascus Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

15 Jordan

16 Israel Jerusalem Tel Aviv

17 Middle East and SW Asia Lebanon – Arab Democracy, but weak government.
United Arab Emirates – Run by Absolute Sheiks, big oil producer. Saudi Arabia – Worlds largest Oil exporter. Iran – Theocracy state, Shiite majority. Afghanistan – Taliban fighting collation troops to run the country.

18 Lebanon

19 United Arab Emirates Sheiks

20 Saudi Arabia

21 Iran Hezbollah  Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

22 Afghanistan Taliban Taliban

23 Dross challenge Identify these people.

24 South Asia



27 South Asia Indus and Ganges River Valleys are hearth cultures.
Buddhism and Hinduism spawn from this realm. Islam has a strong presence here too. Monsoons and Earthquakes are frequent. 1 out of every 6 people on the planet are Indian.

28 South Asia Nepal – Communist fight to take over the government.
Sri Lanka – Civil War between Hindus and Buddhists. Tamils want separate state. India – Monsoons keep the country's population from famine. Pakistan – Islamabad is a forward capital (capital city placed near action or important area to keep pressure) near Kashmir.

29 Pakistan

30 Nepal

31 Sri Lanka

32 India

33 South Asia Bangladesh – Has nearly every major natural disaster happen within its borders. Maldives – over 1,000 islands, popular tourist area for Europeans. Bhutan – State religion is Buddhism, persecuted Hindus. King realized that democracy was the way to go, will change in 2008.

34 Bangladesh

35 Bangladesh

36 Bhutan Son King Jigme Singe

37 Maldives

38 Dross Challenge

39 Dross Challenge Brainstorm some ways that South Asia can control their population. We will debate the ways if they can work. All Right!

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