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Indirect Questions Stage 25.

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1 Indirect Questions Stage 25

2 Direct Questions You have met many sentences like this:
Ubi clamorem audivit? Who heard the shout? Ubi est captivus? Where is the prisoner? These are called DIRECT QUESTIONS.

3 Indirect Questions In Stage 25, you have now met sentences like this:
centurio nesciebat quis clamorem audivisset. The centurion did not know who had heard the shout. equites cognoverunt ubi rex habitaret. The horsemen found out where the king was living. These are called INDIRECT QUESTIONS because the question is referred to but not asked directly.

4 head verb + question + subjunctive
Formation An indirect question is formed in the following way: head verb + question + subjunctive word verb

5 Head Verbs Head Verbs are actions that happen inside your head i.e. verbs of speaking, perceiving, hearing, knowing, and feeling. Some examples of head verbs that we’ve seen: dico: to say rogo: to ask inquit: to say sentio: to feel scio: to know nescio: to not know vidit: to see audit: to hear intelligo: to understand cognosco: to find out explico: to explain

6 quo: by whom?, by which?, where?, etc.
Question Words Question words are words that ask a question and can be used in direct and indirect questions. Some examples of question words are: cur: why? quis: who? quid: what? quo modo: How? ubi – Where? or When? quo: by whom?, by which?, where?, etc. cui – to whom, to which

7 Some Examples Are these direct or indirect questions
Some Examples Are these direct or indirect questions? How are they translated? If it is an indirect question, what tense is the verb? quis puerum interfecit? nemo sciebat quis puerum interfecisset. ubi pecuniam invenerunt? iudex me rogavit ubi pecuniam invenissent. Salvius nesciebat cur Quintus regem adiuvaret. Cogidubnus cognovit quo modo Cephalus venenum comparavisset. Quintus scire voluit quid in templo esset. Salvius tandem intellexit quo Quintus et dumnorix fugerent.

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