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Winning the War Chapter 11, Lesson 3. Let’s Watch a Clip story/worldwarii/

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1 Winning the War Chapter 11, Lesson 3

2 Let’s Watch a Clip story/worldwarii/ story/worldwarii/

3 Battles in North Africa and Europe 1930: Germany, Italy, and Japan prepare for war World was surprised by Axis power’s power Adolf Hitler and Germany quickly conquer Germany attack Soviet Union Japan takes control of Pacific region (Philippines)

4 1942, Allies move against Axis powers Americans join Allies in North Africa to fight Germans and Italians in Sahara desert VICTORY: Axis surrender in Africa in 1943

5 Fighting in Italy One month later… – Allies attack Italian Island of Sicily October 1943… – Allied invade Italy – Move North, Germans retreat – Many killed and wounded on both sides – Tuskegee Airmen, African American pilots, fly over Italy

6 At the same time… – Germans suffer losses from the Soviet Union – Allied airplanes control skies of Europe By 1944, Germany is in trouble! – VICTORY: Soviet Union turns back German invaders at Battle of Stalingrad Hitler attempts to capture Stalingrad Eastern turning point of the war

7 D-day and Victory D-day – June 6, 1944 – The LARGEST invasion by sea in world history Before battle, Dwight D. Eisenhower inspires the soldiers 200,000 Allied soldiers invade Normandy, France One million land in France in 10 days Allows Allies to move toward Germany

8 V-E Day At the same time… Soviet soldiers advance on Germany from East May 8, 1945 – Germany surrenders – Victory in Europe Day

9 But…the war is not over yet! At the same time…

10 Fighting in the Pacific Japan in the Pacific Japanese won many victories By 1942, Japan controls large part of western Pacific and eastern Asia VICTORY: June 1942 – Battle of Midway – Admiral Chester Nimitz

11 Aircraft carrier: a large ship that carries airplanes far from land – Planes land and take off on deck Battle of Midway – US planes sink 4 Japanese aircraft carriers and shoot down many Japanese airplanes – MAJOR TURNING POINT IN WAR AGAINST JAPAN

12 Island Hopping – The plan to defeat Japan – Allies skip over some islands guarded by the Japanese and capture others – Each island used to attack closer to Japan

13 Island Battles Began in August 1942 – US invade Guadalcanal Next 3 years – Allies capture Guinea, Iwo Jima, and others Japanese launch fleet to stop U.S. navy from freeing Philippines Navy battle in Leyte Gulf Japanese suffer heavy losses  ENDS Japan’s navy battle ability

14 Code Talkers Navajo code talkers: Navajo Indians who joined U.S. Marines Use Navajo language to create secret code that Japan could not understand Sent messages and orders from Allied leaders to soldiers

15 Victory of Japan Summer 1945 Allies close enough to invade Japan President Harry Truman fears many will die in the invasion A new plan…atomic bomb Atomic Bomb: a powerful bomb that can destroy an entire city – Truman hopes will end the war

16 August 6, 1945 – U.S. airplane drops atomic bomb in Hiroshima August 9, 1945 (3 days later) – U.S. drops bomb in Nagasaki Japan’s emperor, Hirohito, surrenders August 14, 1945 – V-J Day: Victory in Japan Day

17 A Changed World Many ruins to pick up from WWII – No homes, no food, no jobs in Europe and in Asia

18 The Holocaust Allied soldiers discover horrors of the war Nazis killed millions of people Concentration Camp: a place where large numbers of people are held prisoner an forced to work – Beaten, starved, killed ½ of those killed Jews: Hitler blamed for Germany’s problems

19 12 million people died or were killed in concentration camps 6 million of those being Jews Holocaust: the mass murder through concentration camps and injustice

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