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THE ODYSSEY Books 18-24 The Extra-Extra-Short Version.

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1 THE ODYSSEY Books 18-24 The Extra-Extra-Short Version

2 BOOK 18 A real beggar, IRUS, shows up Picks a fight with Odysseus Odysseus breaks his jaw Another suitor hits O with a stool (Eurymachus)

3 BOOK 19 Telemachus gathers weapons and hides them from suitors Beggar Odysseus talks with Penelope (she doesnt know) She likes him, has servant wash his feet The servant notices his scar on his knee, but he asks her not to say anything

4 BOOK 20 O prays for a sign of success (against suitors) from Zeus, and he sends a thunder clap from the clear sky The suitors continue to act like fools outside (maids from inside have affairs) Teles friend warns: I see the walls of this mansion dripping with your blood. The suitors laugh

5 BOOK 21 Penelope goes before the suitors, looking pretty Whoever strings this bow and sends an arrow through the sockets of twelve ax heads lined in a rowthat man I will marry. All the suitors fail, too weak Odysseus (beggar) asks to try, and he does it Tele arms himself with weapons

6 BOOK 22 Antinous lifts a drinking cup and Odysseus puts an arrow through his throat O, Tele, and servants destroy all the suitors The maids are hung

7 BOOK 23 Everyone celebrates! Penny still doesnt believe its Odysseus w/out proof O sees his bed moved from the room to the hall Who moved my bed? I carved the bedpost myself from an olive tree trunk! Penny rushes into his arms

8 BOOK 24 The fathers of the suitors challenge O, Tele, and Os father to a rematch Os father throws a spear through Antinous fathers head. Athena shows up and says lets be friends! So everyone stops fighting They live in peace for years to come

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