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The Scholarship Jacket

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1 The Scholarship Jacket

2 What stands in the way of your dreams?
With a partner, consider a common goal such as going to college or getting car. What could interfere with that goal? What are ways you might overcome the obstacle?

3 Guided Reading Handout
Skill focus Point of view Inferences Conflict Key idea obstacles Response to literature with textual evidence Main character/minor character Drawing conclusions

4 Background information
In this story, the narrator’s father is a farm laborer “who couldn’t earn enough money to feed eight children.” So, the narrator lives with her grandfather. Farm laborers struggle with difficult working conditions, living conditions, and low wages.

5 Making Predictions Read the title and view the art on page 219.
What does the word scholarship mean? What does the word scholar mean?

6 As you read…. Work on the guided reading questions.
Be sure to answer the question completely; when appropriate prove your answer with evidence from the text.

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