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Remember the Innocents

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1 Remember the Innocents
A language arts project for studying children of the Holocaust.

2 Remember The Life of Sorela Goldsobel
Child of the Holocaust

3 The Life of Sorella Goldsobel
Daughter of Basia and Leon Goldsobel. Born November 13, 1934 in Warsaw, Poland. Before WWII began, 3,351,00 Jews lived in Poland. Almost 400,000 Jews lived in Warsaw. Sorella was one of them.

4 The Nazis Invade Poland
The Nazis attacked Poland on September 1, 1939 and World War II began. Under Nazi rule, Jews were denied rights and freedoms. They were forced to wear a yellow star so they could be easily identified.

5 Sorella Loses Her Home In October 1940, Sorela, her older sister Liliana and her parents, along with other Jewish residents of Warsaw, were forced to leave their homes and live in a run-down area of the city.

6 Sealed Into the Ghetto The Nazis ordered an eight-foot wall to be built around the area where they forced the Jews to live. On November 15, 1940, the ghetto was sealed. Over 275,000 Jews were packed into apartments on 73 streets and forbidden to leave.

7 Life in the Ghetto Living conditions were crowded and unsanitary.
People were issued ration cards which entitled the holder to 300 calories a day--an amount calculated to ensure starvation.

8 Thousands Die Residents in the ghetto had no way to earn money for food or medicine and thousands died of starvation or disease. Children risked their lives to smuggle food into the ghetto so their families could eat.

9 Deportation Begins In July 1942, the Germans began raids on the ghetto to round up residents for deportation. Packed like cattle into closed freight cars, they were sent to Treblinka death camp.

10 Captured in a Raid In September 1942, Sorella and her family were caught in a Nazi raid on the Warsaw ghetto. They were sent in freight trucks to Treblinka death camp.

11 Sorella’s Fate Upon arrival in Treblinka, the Nazis selected Sorella and her family for extermination. They were sent immediately to the gas chambers and murdered. Sorella was only seven years-old.

12 Remember Me! Sorella Goldsobel was one of 1.5 MILLION Jewish children murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust. Only 2,000 of Warsaw’s 400,000 Jews survived the Holocaust. Of the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust, almost 3 million were Polish Jews. Treblinka Memorial: “Never Again” in six languages Sorella Goldsobel Warsaw Memorial Stone at Treblinka Children’s Memorial at Yad Veshem, Israel

13 Remember the Innocents
Those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it. (George Santayana) Children of the Holocaust bas relief at the Desert Holocaust Memorial, Rancho Mirage, California. Children’s Memorial at Yad Veshem, Israel

14 Works Cited Museum of Tolerance: Children of the Holocaust Simon Wiesenthal Center Multimedia Learning Center Online The Desert Holocaust Memorial, Palm Springs A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust: Galleries of Holocaust Images Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: A learning Site for Students

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