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The Role of the Principal Going Forward. What Leon School District is Required to Do Florida Department of Educations Supports that might impact you What.

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1 The Role of the Principal Going Forward

2 What Leon School District is Required to Do Florida Department of Educations Supports that might impact you What principals can do for themselves

3 What Leon School District is Required to Do

4 By May 1, 2012 – Redeveloped school leader evaluation system for the 2012-2013 school year Meet all RTTT Requirements Comply with Statute: 1012.34 F.S.– new purpose for evaluation systems Comply with SBE Rule: New FPLS – a required foundation for principal evaluation.

5 Improve Teacher and Principal Evaluation Systems – (D)(2)(ii)-(iii) Utilizes ….. the Florida Principal Leadership Standards with an emphasis on recruiting and retaining effective teachers, improving effectiveness of teachers, and removing ineffective teachers.

6 For the purpose of increasing student learning growth by improving the quality of instructional, administrative, and supervisory services in the public schools of the state, the district school superintendent shall establish procedures for evaluating the performance of duties and responsibilities of all instructional, administrative, and supervisory personnel employed by the school district * Most of RTTT requirements incorporated in statute

7 SBE Rule 6A-5.080 The Standards are set forth in rule as Floridas core expectations for effective school administrators. The Standards are based on contemporary research on multi-dimensional school leadership, and represent skill sets and knowledge bases needed in effective schools. The Standards form the foundation for school leader personnel evaluations and professional development systems, school leadership preparation programs, and educator certification requirements.

8 Old FPLS (2005) Based on what principals do (tradition based) General, lacked specifics Open to debate about what was intended No accountability attached Gaps between what research reveals about impacting student learning and what the old standards addressed

9 New FPLS (2011) Based on Contemporary research on what works Specific and actionable Aligned with purpose of 1012.34 (Student focus) Linked to accountability Fills gaps in old FPLS

10 Student results FPLS emphasis shifts: Student achievement, instructional leadership and professional learning make up 65% of the FPLS Organizational leadership – the traditional focus of the principal make up 35%

11 Student growth measures at least 50% of teacher and principal evaluations Millions of dollars into new testing capacities State EOCs Test Item bank District EOCs Value Added scores – actual vs. expected results (no more good by zip code?)

12 The biggest shift in expectations are for: INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP FACULTY DEVELOPMENT

13 The Principal aligns curriculum with state standards, effective instructional practices, student learning needs and assessments Data analyses for instructional planning/improvement Explains links between standards - effective instruction – and student results Standards based instruction: Principal manages for rigor …cultural relevance – differentiation Quality assessment practices (tracking progress)

14 Effective school leaders recruit, retain and develop an effective and diverse faculty and staff. Evaluates and provides timely feedback to teachers on teaching effectiveness Focuses faculty on student learning Identifies what teachers need to do better Individual and collegial adult learning

15 Effective school leaders structure and monitor a school learning environment that improves learning for all of Floridas diverse student population. equitable opportunities for learning practices that motivate students monitoring learning environment quality Identify strategies to minimize achievement gaps.

16 These are tasks you cannot do from the office. You must see the teaching going on to be able to identify improvement needs, assess rigor, monitor quality, and provide timely feedback. So – what has to change so you are SEEING and COMMUNICATING about what you see??

17 Around the state Districts are looking for changes in principal practice that get the principal in classrooms at least 2 workdays a week Enabling principals to use the Teacher evaluation system as a professional development tool

18 Departments have a regulatory role … But also trying to help with implementation New assessments Websites (FSL, SWS, cPalms, etc) Technical assistance Communities of Practice National Experts State models Teacher evaluation School Leader evaluation Non-classroom personnel

19 Florida School Leader Assessment (FSLA) Research based – Everything required by RTTT – Law – or Rule Designed for professional learning Consistent with State Teacher Model PHASE IN PROCESS

20 Legislature and SBE set expectations DOE provides monitoring and supports Districts determine accountability and manage systemic changes decisions What does the Principal do?

21 You are the principal! What can you do for yourself to make this transition productive? For your students For your teachers For yourself For each other

22 A paradigm shift is in progress Second order changes are coming Not linear – different start points Changes must be made in-house New learning & new relationships required More than one change ? ???

23 Student assessments linked to evaluation Research based evaluation of practice PD linked to evaluation Common Core Data systems tracking PD impacts Teachers need principals who can put it all in perspective Students need principals who take it seriously Principals need to recognize priorities Principals need to model Improvement

24 If you are already strong on instructional leadership, faculty development, and are getting results on student achievement…… You may be needed to mentor others…… The FSLA provides tools for doing that.

25 If you built your repertoire of principal competencies on organizational management skills ……. Reports and meeting deadlines Safety, Order, Discipline School schedules and finance Decision making Communicating with community Managing co-curricular activities

26 Changes in… Your priorities What you know What you do How you allocate time How you involve others in decision making

27 We tell the students to learn more. We tell the teachers to teach better. What do we tell ourselves? Is everyone going to change – except us?

28 How do you change your way of work to spend more time watching the teaching and learning? What are you watching for? How do you give feedback that may make a difference ?

29 Work with us on the FSLA We need principals to tell us: Whats helpful in deepening your impact as instructional leaders? What practices develop teachers. Whats not helping. What needs more development?

30 As school leaders share what works in transition to a more results oriented process with better feedback on instructional practice and faculty growth… We need districts to work on system changes that help principals change how time is used. What district barriers need to come down? What district supports need to be built?

31 Samples of FSLA long Form Questions

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