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5 th Grade Open House Fifth Grade 2012 - 2013. Citizenship Consequences Fines/FF check Behavior Notification Study hall Referral Conferences Lowered grade.

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5 th Grade Family Night Fifth Grade Policies and Math Mr. Mazur.

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1 5 th Grade Open House Fifth Grade 2012 - 2013

2 Citizenship Consequences Fines/FF check Behavior Notification Study hall Referral Conferences Lowered grade Rewards Bonuses Leprechaun Leader slips Activity time Business days Auction Our money system is tied to our behavior system. Students earn money by completing work on time, being responsible, and using appropriate behavior.

3 School-wide PBS Positive Behavior System AKA (Leprechaun Leaders) Respectful Responsible Ready to Learn with Effort, Practice, and Participation

4 Discipline Policy GOAL S Be positive! Follow through to complete all jobs. Become independent by carefully following all written and oral directions. Give your best effort to foster self- confidence. Set appropriate goals. Develop strategies to use throughout life.

5 Verbal Warning – Can be skipped $20 fine/FF check Lowering of citizenship grade Loss of activity period Phone call or e-mail Behavior Report Referral Discipline Policy Consequences Money System BonusesFines = Auction +

6 Homework Assignments are written daily in planner. Assignments are follow-up practice. *You may help, but first encourage independent work. Select 3-5 problems to review. Students can come in early/after school to get additional help.* Remember Homework is your childs responsibility! It is CRUCIAL for students to learn responsibility and organization BEFORE middle school.

7 Assignments not finished in class become homework. All Assignments should be written in the student planner. Planners do not need to be signed each week. Homework Policy

8 An average of 45 minutes of homework a night will be given. Homework Policy cont. 20 of Reading 25 of Math/Science Sometimes S.S. Sometimes long range projects How to study is the most difficult part. Purposefulness while at school may effect the amount of homework.

9 Friday Folders You will know when your child has attended study hall. (This would be for any reason.) Sign and have them returned on Monday. This is a tool for self-reflection and honest evaluation. Its is not meant to be strictly punitive. We hope students recognize the behaviors they need to improve.

10 1 st Semester Salary of $200 Fines and Bonuses of $20 2 nd Semester Salary of $300 Fines and Bonuses of $50 Money System

11 90 - 100=A 80 - 89=B 70 - 79=C 60 - 69=D 59 or below=F Grading Scale

12 Grading Policy: Math and Science Test and Projects = 50% Quizzes = 30% Homework = 10% Class work = 10% 100% Hard Work

13 Think Central This is the site your child can access their math and science textbooks. In addition, there are many other resources that may help your child grasp a difficult concept. Logging In All students have their username and password. It is the same one they used last year. User name = Last name, first initial, month and day they were born. The password = kles12.

14 Math Math Series: Harcourt (on-line) Application based program (hands-on activities) Students MUST know their facts: Addition Practice Subtraction Practice Multiplication Practice Division Practice Mountain Math – skills review Success Maker Lab We are in the process of creating a class website. The following items will be hyperlinked on the electronic form of our newsletter.

15 Please… Technology Devices?

16 Share Point Important information will be posted and shared via this site. Class Websites

17 Khan Academy Math teachers will soon contact you with information regarding your childs signup but you can visit the site now if you like. Math teachers will be your childs coach. Khan Academy

18 EDMODO is a social network for teaches and students to communicate and share information. This is not Facebook. Some teachers will use this site. The intention is for your child to use it as a means of communication and to assist their organization. EDMODO :

19 Other Sites Brain Pop Manga High FOCUS EXPLORER And more…

20 Science Themes Energy, Forces and Motion Matter Living Things/ Oceanography Science Process Science Fair Project Astronomy and Earth GEMS and AIMS activities will be used with Fusions.

21 Fusion is our science text! Can be found on Think Central (same website as math) Teachers will work from text as well as complete virtual lessons online All tests and quiz questions are application based and involve higher order thinking as will FCAT science Students wanting to raise scores are encouraged by county advocates to read, read, read as reading scores and science scores are pretty conducive.

22 Supplemental Science Activities GEMS (great explorations in math and science) AIMS (activities integrating math and science) AMS Astronomy Night SOTM equipment

23 Science Project ALL 5 th grade students will complete a Science Project for their science teacher All are encouraged to enter project in the fair as it will help prepare for middle school Please pay CLOSE attention to deadlines 9/13 permission is due 10/4 proposal is due 11/14-11/16 science fair Science fair viewing for families will be Nov 15 th at 5pm; and this year we will have scientists from various majors at FSU set up with science tables. It should be a fun evening for all.

24 Social Studies Textbook Think Central – NEW textbook this year. It is being implemented, and information will be sent home soon. We are currently working out how a limited number of licenses can be shared among 5 th grade. A class set of 22 books has been provided for each social studies class. Although they were intended to be consumable, students will have to share and not write in them.

25 5 th Grade Social Studies Themes Colonies and Revolution Constitution/Government Election Moving West Immigration/Industrial Revolution Holocaust

26 Grading Policy: Reading and Social Studies Test and Projects = 50% Quizzes = 20% Homework = 5% Class work = 25% 100% Hard Work

27 Grading Policy: Writing Writes Upon Request = 50% Quizzes = 30% Class work and Homework = 20% 100% Hard Work

28 Writing WUR = 60 minutes now Students go through the editing/revising process with their chosen writings in social studies, science and math. Monthly WUR, including 4 quarterly Writes Upon Requests. This years focus will be expository and persuasive writings. **Last 2 WURs of the year must be an average of 4.0 to be marked on grade level at the end of the year.**

29 Tallahassee Museum = free (Oct.) Agrirama = about $40.00 (Dec.) Field Trips Sea World = $80.00 ish (May) Field trips are a privilege. - Remember to sign and return the bottom of your Open House Form. Parents who are interested in being a chaperone will be contacted later in the year. Any parent that wishes to go to Agrirama and Tallahassee Museum must drive separately. There will be about seven slots available for the Sea World trip.

30 AR AR is used to encourage independent reading. PRACTICE = IMPROVEMENT! Students and teachers set point goals TOGETHER based on reading level. These are reviewed each nine weeks. Students who receive an 80% or higher on an AR test will be given the opportunity to win a free book during our K.L.E.S. AR drawings on Fridays. Our main goal is to LOVE READING.

31 Accelerated Reading Names go up each week. Students should average 10% of their goal each week. Failure to achieve A.R. goal will result in study hall. AR is not a grade.

32 Reading 90 minutes of reading instruction Social Studies will be taught in conjunction with reading using non-fiction, informational text 30 minutes of reading intervention Will follow Open Court curriculum and will order units/stories to correlate with science/social studies topics

33 Reading Units for the year: Cooperation and Competition Astronomy Heritage and Immigration Making a New Nation Going West Journeys and Quests Each week we will focus on a reading strategy and will test on it at the end of the week.

34 Vocabulary – W.W. Wordly Wise curriculum 15 new words each week Activities in class each day and 1 night of homework (2 days to complete it) Test on Friday Bubble sheets sent home with a grade, not hard copy tests

35 Vocabulary – O.C. Each Open Court story will have 5-7 vocabulary words We will actively use the words and discuss them when reading the story during the week We will test on them each week as part of the O.C. story test Comprehension & Vocabulary will be separate grades on the test

36 Vocabulary Notebooks To help to students (and YOU!) keep everything organized W.W. and O.C. vocabulary lists will be taped in the notebook or clipped in the red reading folder each Monday. Studying should be taking place throughout the week – dont wait until the last minute!

37 Special Area Day 1 = PE Day 2 = Media Day 3 = PE Day 4 = Art Day 5 = PE Day 6 = Music

38 Fifth Grade Extras Lunch Bunch = Thurs., & Fri. Please be on time and at the cafeteria. There are some blocked out dates. Media Check Out = During Media days in SA Strings = Before school

39 Activity Time or Study Hall = Alternating Fridays 2:20 - 2:50 Other Activities Business Days = All items should be handmade by your child. No more than $15.00 should be spent on supplies. Once a Semester Safety Patrols = Have begun! WKLES positions will be announced soon.

40 Birthdays We love cupcakes and birthday celebrations. Just give a little advance notice, and we can help your child celebrate the big day at snack time. If you decide to bring in a special treat, please remember to include napkins and a safe, store bought treat for students who have peanut allergies. Please, no peanuts of any kind. *Please dont send party invitations to be passed out at school UNLESS you are inviting the whole class. Students have feelings that get hurt easily when watching some people get invitations…and they arent invited. Thank you for your understanding.

41 The transition has been more difficult for some than others but we are all finding our niche in the class. The key is to give the responsibility to the student. They will rise to the occasion. Thank you!!!

42 If you have a child in Mrs. Walkers class, sign up for your conference on the same date as your childs homeroom teacher. PLEASE make it for the same date and time. Conferences

43 Please take a moment to sign up for your conference in the back. Conferences Please write down the date. I look forward to meeting with you at our scheduled conference time.

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