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The Dell Intelligent Classroom™

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1 The Dell Intelligent Classroom™

2 Dell Intelligent Classroom™
An integrated solution of multi-media tools with personal computing and the Internet, allowing students, teachers, and technology to explore new ways for classroom interaction. Dell provides an end-to-end technology solution for the classroom as an enabler for instructor knowledge-transfer and enhanced student learning

3 Requirements vs. Reality: “Where to Draw the Line”
Understand where function ends and the “WOW” factor begins Technology for Technologies sake “They have it and so should we” Questions to ask: What does it do for the curriculum and the learner? What other ways can I use it? What instructional obstacles will need to be overcome? How does the design accommodate change with minimum expense? More than just products, you need solutions! Outside the Box What will make the learning experience unique and interactive? What will I need 5 years from now?

4 Planning for Technology
Get feedback from potential vendors and fine-tune design Make them validate any additional technology suggestions Plan for a realistic installation period Class schedule impact Each classroom averages one day for installation (2 people) Some vendors won’t work nights or weekends to install Have a single Point Of Contact for the vendor – too many cooks can spoil the soup! Understand where functionality ends and “gee whiz” begins Don’t use technology for technology’s sake “They have it and so should we” Questions to ask: What does it do for the curriculum and the learner? What other ways can I do it? What instructional obstacle will need to be overcome? How much? How long? How difficult?

5 Planning for Technology
Start with the basic components Computer and monitor Teaching lectern or station Projector and screen DVD/VCR unit Add the extras Control system Interactive WhiteBoard or Pad Sound system Document camera Don’t forget the infrastructure Internet connectivity Cable runs to the projector Power for the projector

6 Standards Reduce faculty apprehension Easier budgeting
Involve faculty in the planning for technology Once trained and comfortable, they can teach in any standard classroom Easier budgeting Knowing what a standard classroom costs can help with making projections Take advantage of last minute funding availability Fewer spare components needed Interchangeable parts for all rooms Easier to maintain and service Technicians need to know only one standard configuration They become experts in a shorter period of time Easier to train new support people

7 What Does a Collaborative Classroom Look like?

8 Now that I have technology, how do I manage it all?
More technology means more people More equipment means more points of failure Therefore… More technology = More people + More equipment More $$$ There are some things you can do to help manage it all smartly…

9 Managing Classroom Technology
If planned and designed correctly, problems are minimized Too much technology confuses most people Make support easy Train EVERYONE on how to use the technology, not just a select few Ensure your vendor will work closely with your support staff AFTER the sale Too much technology confuses most people Standards help reduce anxiety Use common interfaces for control – there’s nothing worse than having a handful of remotes to choose from. Teachers want to teach – not spend time trying to figure out why something doesn’t work Make support easy Telephone number, address, etc. Use simple checklists Until teachers are comfortable, there will be lots of support requirements

10 Managing Classroom Technology
Consider spare equipment– or a good Vendor SLA contract Projector bulb VCR/DVD Monitor Maintain wiring diagrams—ensure your installer provides them to you Support staff should be familiar with the system design and basic troubleshooting Have a direct vendor contact for support issues

11 Bottom Line Initiating a teaching and learning technology plan should not be a painful process Curriculum should drive the technology requirement and design Know what you want to accomplish – be a part of your design Plan on a 3 to 5 year replacement cycle for AV Plan on spare equipment Plan for infrastructure modifications if needed Plan for new technologies (Bluetooth, IEEE 1344, fiber optic, wireless, etc.)

12 Engage, Involve & Assess with Dell Intelligent Classroom™ Solutions
Questions Engage, Involve & Assess with Dell Intelligent Classroom™ Solutions For more information, please visit:

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