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EQ: What rights do we have as Americans? Pg. 23 10/25.

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1 EQ: What rights do we have as Americans? Pg. 23 10/25

2  What are rights?

3  Official changes to the Constitution  Allows the Constitution to Change with time  There are 27 amendments

4  First 10 Amendments to the Constitution  List the Rights of ALL People (even if their beliefs or actions are unpopular)

5  Five Freedoms  Religion  Speech  Press  Assembly  Petition

6  Establishment Clause: Congress can’t make a national religion or support a religion.  Free Exercise: Can’t interfere with people’s rights to practice their religion of choice

7 1. Time, place, manner (this includes school) 2. Harmful to Children 3. Clear and Present Danger 4. Obscene Speech

8  Right to bear arms  What is the major disagreement today over the Second Amendment right to bear arms?  Some people believe this refers to a state militia, others believe it refers to personal gun owership.

9  Cannot force citizens to house soldiers without their consent  (Britain did this after the French and Indian War)

10  Protects you from “unreasonable search and seizures”  Police have to get a search warrant  What must the government show in order to get a search warrant?  Probable cause, which means that there must be proof there is a good reason that evidence of a crime will be discovered

11  Cannot be punished without due process  (means law must be applied fairly)  No double jeopardy  (can’t be charged with same crime twice)  Don’t have to testify against yourself (right to remain silent)

12  Right to speedy public trial  Right to know charges against you  Right to confront witnesses  Right to a lawyer

13  Juries can decide civil cases  Civil cases are NOT criminal cases  (They are lawsuits where someone sues another person)

14  Protects you from “cruel and unusual punishment”  Punishment must fit the crime  According to the Supreme Court, is the death penalty cruel and unusual punishment?  Not right now.

15  People have other rights that are not listed  Including the right to Privacy

16  All powers not specifically given to the national government are given to the states and/or the people.

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