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Senior Parent Night CLASS of 2013.

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1 Senior Parent Night CLASS of 2013

2 Guidance Department Mrs. Kim Scott A - Da Mrs. Kim Brumage De - He
Ms. Alice Mathis Hi - Me Mr. Ron Callahan Mi - Sc Mrs. Teresa Dennis Se – Z Mrs. Cindy Fisher, Guidance Secretary Mrs. Jeanne Tucker, Registrar

3 Graduation Requirements
English – 4 credits Math – 4 credits (to include Algebra I or its equivalent) Science – 3 credits to include Biology Social Studies – 3 credits ( World History, US History, Economics and US Government) Health Opportunities in Physical Education (HOPE) - 1 credit Fine Art or DOE Approved * Practical Art – 1 credit Electives – as needed for a total of 24 credits (8 credits) Earn a 2.0 unweighted GPA Pass Grade 10 FCAT Reading and Math All requirements must be met to participate in commencement activities. *DOE Approved Practical Arts credit for graduation Web I, II TV Productions I, II, III, IV Communications Technology I, II, III Engineering Technology I, II, III Culinary Arts I,II,III Exam Exemptions – 2nd semester – seniors can exempt any exam in which they have a passing grade, if they have less than 10 unexcused absences. If they failed the last nine weeks for any reason, including attendance, they must take the exam to earn credit.

4 Options After High School
Work Military: Active, Reserves, ROTC, Non-Deployment, Academy Vocational School Lively – Tallahassee South West Georgia Tech - Thomasville 2 year Community College A.A. degree transfers to university A.S. degree go right into the work world. 4 year College/University

5 College Fit Institution type Size Location Degree programs
Sports and activities Housing Tuition and fees We recommend that students narrow down their choices. – Florida based – Career and College searches – profile of schools, AP scores, majors, range for admissions Visit from afar

6 What should seniors be doing right now?
Narrowing down choices of colleges to apply to. Preparing application packets. Most schools require online applications. Know the deadlines! GET ORGANIZED! FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! Many out of state and private college use the common application at Request transcripts to be sent- electronically free (all public and most private in FL), $1 for printed/certified copy, usually available in 24 hours. Request form is available in a folder outside Mrs.Tucker’s door. Complete a college/scholarship resume. Request letters of recommendation this usually takes a minimum of a week: allow this time from a teacher or counselor. Finalize essays. Have a teacher review them. Sign up and retake the SAT, ACT, or SAT II- for admissions, all official scores must come directly from SAT/ACT. Check out the scholarship list on Guidance website and in the scholarship drawer.

7 State of Florida University System
Minimum standards 3.0 recalculated academic GPA, plus SAT or ACT OR 2.5 – 2.99 recalculated academic GPA, plus at least a minimum score in all three sections of the SAT or ACT as outlined below: SAT – Critical Reading >= 460 or ACT – Reading >= 19, SAT – Math >= 460 or ACT Math >= 19, and SAT – Writing >= 440 or ACT English/Writing >= 18. ALL students must complete the secondary academic unit requirements: 4 units of English 4 units of mathematics at the Algebra I level and higher 3 units of science 3 units of social science 2 sequential units of the same foreign language 2 elective units, preferably English, math, science, social science, or foreign language State universities use the same method for weighting academic courses earning a “C” or better : 1.0 weighted for AP and dual enrollment , .5 weighted for honors coursework Admissions offers are rescinded for reasons like: Changed senior schedule, poor academic performance, less than 2.0 GPA in dual enrollment courses. If a situation arises, it is recommended that you contact the admissions office at the university.

8 Florida State University
Middle 50% Fall Middle 50% Summer academic GPA 3.5 – 4.0 academic GPA SAT SAT ACT ACT Application and documents received by: Electronic Transcript request deadline October 15 Decisions available: December 19 Monday, October 8 January March 20 Monday, January 7 November SAT can count for October deadline but it cannot be the first SAT attempt. Apply online: (SAT or ACT w/writing and must complete application essay). FSU does not want letters of recommendations from counselors and teachers. Major factor for admissions: Academic profile (academic GPA and quality of curriculum) in combination with test scores. FSU will recompute the GPA. They review grade trend and course selection in senior year. FSU is looking for good, reliable students! In addition to GPA and test information, the admissions process will continue to assess applicants on the strength of the academic curriculum with greater consideration given to those taking advanced coursework. Other factors considered include: class rank, first generation and socioeconomic status.

9 Website for parents:
All applicants will be evaluated using a GPA/ACT/SAT matrix that incorporates the plus/minus assessment. If an applicant is deferred on the Dec. 19 notification, FSU will expect to see additional test scores and mid year grades. Minimum score requirements: SAT CR, 500 math, 500 writing, ACT English, 22 Reading, 21 math, 21 writing. Satisfying the minimum required units does not guarantee admission. The typical student accepted to Florida State has 22 core academic units. Students with acceptable GPA but below minimum SAT/ACT subscores will automatically be deferred or denied until new test scores have been received. Jan. SAT and Feb. ACT scores are last that will be accepted. Students deferred on Dec. 19 notification; FSU will expect to see mid-year grades and additional test scores for final decision. Admissions offers will be rescinded if a student’s dual enrollment GPA is below a 2.0. Learn more about FSU’s degree programs, pre-requisite requirements, etc. at Website for parents:

10 University of Florida Fall - Middle 50% Summer – Middle 50% academic GPA academic GPA SAT SAT ACT ACT Requires on-line application. One Application Deadline: November Electronic Transcript request deadline One Decision Release Date: February 8 Thursday, October 25 (will receive test scores through Dec.) All applicants must submit the SAT or the ACT w/writing test. The university will accept the highest subscores from the SAT if you took it multiple times. The university cannot mix or combine ACT subscores. Few students are admitted purely on academic merit. While the potential for academic success is a primary consideration, UF's comprehensive holistic application review considers the personal essay, academic awards, extracurricular activities, family background and home community. The admissions process is designed to consider all aspects of an applicant’s academic record and personal experiences, and is not intended to admit applicants solely on the basis of grade point averages and test scores.

11 The Office of Admissions employs a comprehensive review process that evaluates academic and nonacademic criteria. They search for students who will be UF's future community of leaders, learners and thinkers, and whose education will be enhanced by diverse experiences Short-answer and essay questions, in particular, help admissions officers consider the applicant within the context of each applicant's own experiences with family, in high school, in his or her local communities and within the context of his or her cultural backgrounds. All factors that can distinguish an applicant's achievements and indicate the potential for success at the University of Florida are considered. UF does not want counselor or teacher recommendations. Innovation Academy- Provides students will a small-group experience focused on innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, ethics and leadership. Students are enrolled in the spring-summer academic year and have the fall to explore off-campus experiential pursuits such as study abroad, internships, research or online courses. Majors included in the Colleges of: Agricultural and Life Sciences, Business, Design, Construction and Planning, Engineering, Journalism and Communications, Liberal Arts and Sciences and Public Health and Health Professions.

12 FAMU Online applications preferred.
Fall - Middle 50% Summer – Middle 50% 3.00 – 3.49 academic GPA – 2.99 academic GPA SAT SAT ACT ACT Online applications preferred. Rolling admissions deadline May 1, preferred by November 1. Admit under minimum state standards – Offer Summer Bridge Program Many scholarship opportunities. ACT 27 or SAT 1850 = many scholarship opportunities!! Fall Preview for High School Juniors and Seniors – Saturday, October 20. Meet with representatives from academic schools and colleges.   Showcase of the school, tailgate and game tickets. Contact admissions office to register.  

13 University of Central Florida
Fall Middle 50% Summer Middle 50% 3.5 – 4.2 academic GPA 3.4 – 3.9 academic GPA SAT SAT 25-29 ACT ACT Apply online. UCF will interchange SAT scores, but not ACT sub scores from different test dates. Rolling admissions – generally notified three to six weeks after they receive all supporting official documents. Most important factors for admissions: quality and level of rigor of courses, GPA, and SAT or ACT. Unless the student will clearly be accepted through academic merit alone, UCF strongly encourages submitting letters of recommendations, essay and resume. Acceptances: 2/3 based on academics, 1/3 other ( talents, socio-economic, etc) Special Programs: Lead Scholars - 2 year program designed to produce young leaders of the future. EXCEL Program - designed to increase student success in the first two years of college career in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) discipline.

14 University of South Florida
Middle 50% -Fall Middle 50% - Summer 3.97 – 4.27 academic GPA 3.5 – 3.8 academic GPA SAT SAT 27-29 ACT ACT Apply online Rolling admissions – prefer that you apply by January 2nd for scholarship opportunities. Most important factors for admissions: quality and level of rigor of courses, GPA, and SAT or ACT. Unless you will clearly be accepted through academic merit alone, USF strongly encourages submitting letters of recommendation, essay and resume. Housing – Apply early! USF requires all freshmen students to live on campus their first year. One of the fastest growing large research universities. Very diverse campus – 37% non-Caucasian undergraduate students. Located in a metropolitan area. USF Florida Resident Scholarships Opportunities – priority deadline January 2nd.

15 University of North Florida
Middle 50% -Fall Middle 50% - Summer 3.51 – 4.21 academic GPA 3.2 – 3.8 academic GPA SAT SAT 25-27 ACT ACT Located in Jacksonville. 16,000+ students. Apply online. Rolling admissions – November 16th priority admissions deadline. Plan to release decisions by December 14th . On-Site Admissions Event in Tallahassee – October 24. Visit for details. Will interchange best sub scores for SAT and ACT. Most important factors for admissions: quality and level of rigor of courses, GPA, and SAT or ACT. Unless the student will clearly be accepted through academic merit alone, UNF encourages submitting letters of recommendation, essay and resume. UNF Scholarships Deadlines- Merit-based – Nov. 16, Need-based – March 1 Housing – Apply early! Freshman are required to live on campus. On campus activities and Greek participation has increased. Get involved!

16 University of West Florida
Middle 50% -Fall and Summer 3.4 academic GPA 1480 SAT 22 ACT Located in Pensacola. 12,000+ students Apply online. Rolling admissions. Priority Admissions deadline January 1. Merit scholarship deadline: January 1. Most important factors for admissions: quality and level of rigor of courses, GPA, and SAT or ACT. Will interchange best sub scores for SAT and ACT. Unless the student will clearly be accepted through academic merit alone, UWF encourages submitting letters of recommendation, essay and resume. Discover UWF: Local Information Night. In Tallahassee – October 28. See for details. Housing – Apply early! New residence hall open.

17 Other State Universities
Florida Gulf Coast University – Ft. Meyers Florida Atlantic University – Boca Raton Has a separate Honors College in Jupiter. Florida International University – Miami New College of Florida – Sarasota Go to to sort Florida colleges by majors! Most state universities have Honors Programs for academically exceptional freshmen. The programs provide students with exceptional and rewarding learning opportunities with small class sizes and outstanding faculty. See individual university websites for criteria. Most universities host Open House Events on their campuses. These specialized events allow students and families the opportunity to learn more about campus life, academic programs and financial aid. Registration is typically required. See the university's admission website for details.

18 Highly Selective Colleges
They are looking at: Grades in academic courses, strength of curriculum (Has the student taken the highest academics we offer?), ACT/SAT and often SAT II, class rank, extracurricular activities/college resume, leadership and community service/volunteer experiences, essays and letters of recommendation Visit the school’s website. Know the deadlines and requirements. Apply Early Many require the SAT II subject area tests. Essays - should allow the admissions personnel to see the student: what the student has to offer to their campus and their learning environment. They want students to have serious involvement in activities and be able to express why they were involved and how they were involved. Students do not need to be the president of the club, they may be the “worker bee”. Ask about financial aid and apply early.

19 Common Application
over 300 member colleges, one stop application, easy chart to help simplify application requirements. We plan to complete the counselor and teacher forms online. Federal Financial Aid Everyone needs to apply beginning January 1 at You can decrease the processing time by applying for a pin # now. Summer semester requires the FAFSA. Federal government determines your family contribution. This is used to determine eligibility for grants, loans, etc. Institutions usually begin awarding money by March. Applying early is essential to getting the most $. Federal Financial Aid includes Grants, Scholarships, Work Study Programs and Loans. Net Price Calculator – available on college websites. Using the net price calculator, you can find out your probable eligibility for financial aid and estimate your out-of-pocket expenses. CSS Profile – – many private and out of state school require this additional financial aid piece. Financial aid packages may be negotiable. Speak directly to the financial aid office at the institution. Attend the Financial Aid workshop held Weds., December 6:00 in auditorium. The workshop is designed to assist with questions regarding federal financial aid applications.

20 Follow Through and Follow Up
Have SAT and ACT scores sent directly to colleges from CollegeBoard and ACT. All testing should include writing component. The standard entry point is the fall semester. However, freshmen may choose to acclimate themselves to college and campus life in Summer, when there aren't as many students at the university. Summer admit may differ slightly from fall in terms of competition. You should apply to the semester that you want to begin. Most universities will offer you summer if you are a candidate for it. Online Status Check- Students can monitor the status of transcripts and test scores, as well as the specific date on which the admission decision will be made. Applicants being deferred or offered summer admission will have that information available to them online. Check your regularly. Colleges receive thousands of applications and supporting documents, therefore it will take some time for files to be updated. Please be patient and check back regularly before panicking and contacting the admissions office. Post admissions – tuition deposit is due by May 1. Housing- It is highly encouraged that students apply for housing as soon as possible. Financial Aid – All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid. Students should submit the Free Application for Federal Students Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after January 1. Scholarships – Accepted students are typically automatically considered for merit scholarship. Another reason to apply early! A separate application is not typically required. Log onto the Financial Aid office at the college to search for campus scholarship opportunities.

21 After applying Accepted
Deferred – still in the game. Send mid-year grades, updated test scores! Denied Rescind admissions offers Poor academic performance Negative grade trend Dual Enrollment GPA below a 2.0 Drop classes that you said you were taking when you applied. Students should check their and/or college accounts regularly to receive updated information from the admissions offices. That is their method of connecting with you. **ALL universities request that students let them know if they do not plan to attend their institution. An is appreciated and may allow an opportunity for a student on the “deferred” list.

22 Community College Why CC? close to home, lower cost, smaller classrooms, low student/teacher ratio, flexible scheduling . Admission based on Regular high school diploma. Apply by January for admissions and scholarships! Everyone must take placement test. PERT used unless exempted by SAT/ACT scores. SAT: 440 verbal and 550 math ACT: 17 English, 18 reading, 21 math PERT: Reading 104, Writing 99, Math 113 Students who take college prep courses in high school are more likely to be successful on the tests and not need remediation at the community college. A student with an AA degree is guaranteed admission to state university (not necessarily university or program of choice). Admitted as a junior upon transfer to the university, students need to know their major, the pre-requisite requirements, deadlines, etc. It is important for them to attend the Transfer Orientation Program and get involved on campus! TCC’s will host several events on their campus – check website for dates and times. Preview will feature information on admissions, scholarships, financial aid, TCC degree and workforce programs, campus activities and events as well as information on TCC student services such as Disability Support Services, The Learning Commons and more.  Scholarship Fair is for current and prospective students. 2 + 2 Pathways to Success :

23 Bright Futures Scholarships
Academic Scholars Award - - Pro-rated per hour tuition coverage at a Florida post secondary institution. Requirements: 3.5 weighted* GPA (16 required academic credits), 1280 SAT or 28 ACT and 100 hours of community service. Forms and Guidelines available on Chiles Guidance website. Maintain 3.0 GPA in college to maintain scholarship. Florida Medallion Scholars Award - Pro-rated per hour tuition coverage at a Florida post secondary institution. Requirements: 3.0 weighted* GPA (16 required academic credits) and SAT or 22 ACT and 75 hours of community service. Forms and Guidelines available on Chiles Guidance website. . Maintain 2.75 GPA in college to maintain scholarship. 16 required academic credits include: 4 English 4 Math (Algebra I level and higher) 3 Science 3 Social Science 2 Foreign Language (in the same language) View scholarship award amounts at: Statewide Scholarship Weighting awards .25 per semester for honors and AP courses with a “C” or higher. Honors foreign language is not honors for BF GPA calculation.

24 Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award - Pro-rated per hour tuition coverage at a Florida post secondary institution. Requirements: 3.0 weighted GPA (16 required credits for graduation), 3.5 GPA in a 3 credit vocational program, 30 hours of community service. Forms and Guidelines available on Chiles Guidance website. a passing score on a college placement test (SAT 440 verbal & math, ACT 18 Reading, 17 English, 19 Math or PERT Reading 104, Writing 99, Math 113) Maintain 2.75 GPA in college to maintain scholarship. Gold Seal is funded only for technical/vocational post secondary programs. TV Productions I Communication Technology I TV Productions II Communication Technology II TV Productions III Communication Technology III Culinary Arts I DCT I Culinary Arts II DCT II Culinary Arts III DCT III Engineering Technology I Computing for College and Careers Engineering Technology II Web Design I Engineering Technology III Web Design II Criminal Justice I Criminal Justice II Criminal Justice III *** Satisfactory completion of a three credit sequential vocational program may award TCC credit toward an A.S. degree. See Leon County Schools Career Pathways Bulletin.

25 B.F. Application Information
Seniors should apply even if they plan to attend outside the state of Florida. Students who do not apply by graduation, forfeit all future eligibility. There is a delay option available, but students must be awarded the scholarship as a senior in high school. DO NOT APPLY BEFORE DECEMBER 1! Students need to complete the application. Accuracy is important! (SS#, DOB, official name, active address, graduation date, etc. ) This application is the state financial aid application and covers many programs. ALL correspondence regarding application and scholarship awards will occur through the Bright Futures account. Make sure to check it! Students are required to submit a complete, error-free FAFSA for Bright Futures, Florida Resident Access Grant, and Access to Better Learning and Education Grant initial and renewal eligibility any time prior to disbursement. No FAFSA = No $ Community Service documentation: please submit the least amount of paperwork possible and keep a copy for your records. ( Make copies BEFORE submitting it to Mrs. Fisher in guidance).

26 To earn BF in first evaluation (7 semester review- notification in March): students must earn the required GPA after completion of 1st semester, the required test scores by January 2013 and submit documentation of community service hours by January 18, (Hours must be completed by end of 1st semester.) To earn BF in second evaluation (8 semester review- notification in August): students must earn the required GPA after completion of 2nd semester, the required test scores by June 2013 and submitted documentation of community service hours by graduation. Community Service documentation forms MUST be signed by guidance counselor by May 17, 2013. *The only students who will be announced as Bright Future recipients during the Senior Awards Ceremony will be those students who have qualified after 1st semester. Students need to check their BF account in April to ensure they have qualified.

27 Scholarships Many schools offer partial or full scholarship programs.
ie: GT Presidential Scholars, UVA Jefferson Scholars, Emory Scholars, UF Lombardi, NC State Jacob and Betty Belin Scholarship Guidance Scholarship Website: New opportunities arrive daily. Check the scholarship list at least every two weeks. You never know what you might qualify for! Check for scholarships at the institutions that you plan to attend.

28 Florida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG) –
Need Based, Eligibility determined at institutions Florida Resident Access Grant (FRAG ) - Tuition Assistance at non-public year schools First Generation Matching Grant Program Need based grant program for students attending a Public State University Eligibility is based on – Parents have not earned a baccalaureate degree, need determination, undergraduate, resident full-time status University can award up to the cost of attendance. Academic Competitive Grant (ACG) First and second year college students Pell Grant recipients – need based program

29 NCAA Requirements DIVISION I - 16 Core Courses 4 years of English.
3 years of mathematics (Algebra I or higher) 2 years of science 1 year of additional English, math or science 2 years of social science. 4 years of additional academic courses Sliding Scale for Core GPA/Test score The SAT combined score is based on the Verbal and Math sections only. ACT uses a sum score of the four sections, not the composite. The writing section is not used on SAT or ACT. Examples: Core GPA SAT ACT See complete scale at Seniors should have completed the application with the Eligibility Center and submitted a transcript release form to our registrar, Mrs. Tucker. SAT/ACT scores must be sent directly to NCAA from the testing programs. See your counselor or coach if you have questions. Register

30 www. This website is a tracking tool for the Florida Bright Futures scholarships. This website also includes information regarding resources for student advising, Career Planning Tools, College Locator, Degree Program Search, Admission Requirements, Online applications, Financial Aid and more.

31 My College QuickStart
Students who take the PSAT/NMSQT can access their personalized college and career planning kit until the graduate from high school. It includes: My Online Score Report My SAT Study Plan My College Matches My Major and Career Matches

32 Big Future /

33 College Admissions Visitations
October 9 Thomas University 4th St. Leo University 3rd Samford 3rd 25 Birmingham Southern 2nd Colleges that have visited CHS this school year: Rollins College Millsap University University of West Florida Emory University Mercer University Florida Gulf Coast University New College of FL Florida State University Furman University Florida Institute of Technology Albany State University University of Southern California University of Penn Agnes Scott University of South Florida University of North Florida University of Central Florida University of Florida Florida Southern University Florida Atlantic University

34 Helpful Websites College Search: www.
Financial Aid: College Search: - College Fairs held online where students can search nationwide colleges and visit with college admissions experts online!

35 SAT/ACT Online registration - Must upload photo ID with registration. Both websites offer practice materials. Also check out and Scores must be sent directly to the universities from SAT/ACT for admissions purposes. Colleges recommend that you submit all of your scores to them and not utilize the Score Choice options. SAT - Test Date Registration Deadline Late Registration October September 26 Nov 3 Oct Oct 19 Dec 1 Nov Nov 20 Jan 26 Dec Jan 11 March 9 Feb Feb 22 May 4 April April 19 June 1 May May 21 ACT – Test Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Oct Oct 5 Dec 8 Nov 2 Nov 16 Feb 9 Jan 11 Jan 18 April 13 March 8 March 22 June 8 May 3 May 17 Placement Test (PERT) at TCC – testing center

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