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Together, we are one strong voice and advocate for education! Knowledge is Power.

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1 Together, we are one strong voice and advocate for education! Knowledge is Power

2 At some of our first negotiation meetings, the School Board proposed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), then proposed language to remove our previously bargained step language. At each of these meetings our association offered other proposals but held fast with an emphatic No to removal of step language A fter eight meetings,on July 15, 2009, Santa Rosa County School Board Declared Impasse!

3 The first proposal was step plus 5.69%...the second proposal set to go before the magistrate will be approximately 3% across the board including step, and we are asking that persons at the top of the scale get $1100.

4 The School Board shall not be required to pay any step for the 2009- 2010 school year. The School Board agrees that all employees shall have one paid personal holiday during the 2009-2010 school year (to compensate for your loss of income). The Board agrees they may pay each employee a (bonus) sum to be determined, after the October FTE count. This payment/bonus shall be contingent on (1) the Board has met its FTE projection and (2) there has been and there is no projected cut in state funding since July 1, 2009.

5 Effective July 1, 2009, placement on the salary schedule shall be negotiated each year. Notwithstanding any language to the contrary, each teacher shall start each year on the same step as he/she was on at the end of the prior year. New employees hired before the completion of negotiations each year shall be placed on the schedule based on their number of years of satisfactory experience minus one (1) but not less than zero (0).

6 Short Relief Period Compensations for employees used as substitutes Use of personal technological property Health Care Clinics Instructional will receive no less that $14.00 per hr for any paid workshop or paid in-service training (10.00 for ESP)

7 The established base for Advanced Degrees The disbursement of the Teacher Lead Money Department/Grade Level Chairs duty period PEN…. A means to weaken your association Reading Walk Throughs


9 The SB renders their ruling, and the contract goes to ratification. If the contract is ratified by the bargaining unit, the contract and SB ruling is approved. If the contract is not ratified, the SB has the option to impose their ruling for a time of up to a year. In light of this event, negotiations will reconvene at a later date.

10 Our Santa Rosa County School Board has hired an attorney, John Dickinson from Jacksonville, to present their case. AND they have elected to incur the expense of a Special Magistrate.

11 Through our affiliation with FEA, we too will have legal support and representation. Through our affiliation, we have a team assisting with supportive documentation as we prepare to present our case. Several SRPE members are volunteering their efforts and expertise in data collection.

12 1. Channel information from SRPE to your school. 2. Maintain motivation at your work-site, contact SB Members and request they keep their word/agreement with their employees. 3. Write editorials for our local papers. 4. Enlist support from your family and the community.

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