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Echinodermata Spiny Skinned.

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1 Echinodermata Spiny Skinned

2 Echinoderms 6000 living species 20,000 extinct species
all oceans, all depths Planktonic larvae - bilateral symmetry adult - pentamerous radial symmetry sexual external fertilization lack a head therefore have oral & aboral surfaces endoskeleton water vascular system *** only in echinoderms*** tube feet and ampullae madreporite

3 vocabulary Water vascular system - network of water filled canals
tube feet - muscular sacs that extend outside the body opposite ampullae. Used for attachment and locomotion madreporite - a porous plate on the aboral surface, connects water vascular system to the exterior

4 The 5 classes of Echinodermata

5 Asteroidea Previous Slide Usually 5 arms, up to 50 arms
Ambulacral groove - radiating channels on each arm, has hundreds of tube feet Pedicellariae - minute pincher like organs that help keep surface clean What do they eat? Snails, barnacles, bivalve, etc. How do they eat? Project their stomach into soft body of prey, partial external digestion EX. Sea Stars or Starfish Previous Slide

6 Ophiuroidea 2,000 species What do they eat? Organic material
Arms are long thin and very flexible. Arms lack suckers on tube feet. They are not used for locomotion but for feeding and sensory. EX. Basket stars, Brittle stars and sea serpents Previous Slide

7 Echinoidea Previous Slide
Rigid test with movable spines and pedicellariae Arms moved up to meet at the top Now ambulacral grooves extend from top to bottom What do they eat? Plant material, encrusting animals, dead organic matter Aristotle’s lantern - jaws and muscles EX sea urchins and sand dollars Previous Slide

8 Holothuroidea Elongated body symmetry
Endoskeleton: microscopic calcareous spicules throughout watery skin 5 rows of tube feet from mouth to anus Evisceration - sudden expulsion of gut and other internal organs EX. Sea cucumbers Previous Slide

9 Crinoidea 600 species 5 to 200 arms
Mouth is located on the ventral surface mucus filter feeders EX. Sea lilies, Feather stars Previous Slide

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