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Data Analysis Training PDP Goals & Strategies September, 2009.

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1 Data Analysis Training PDP Goals & Strategies September, 2009

2 Why Use Data? Federal NCLB & State Professional Development Protocol Guidelines –All teachers and administrators must annually write a PDP goal that is based on current student data –Administrators must meet with teachers in the initial stages to finalize and approve PDP goal and strategies

3 Why use data? Identification of specific skills leads to a more accurate diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses which will result in increased student performance

4 Data Considerations By basing instruction on the specific strengths and weakness (student needs), teachers become more effective

5 Data Considerations What gets measured, gets done!

6 Data Teams Support Teachers School Findings Sub-group Findings Grade Level Findings Individual Teacher Findings Focus on Individual Teacher Sub-Groups

7 Kinds of Data FCAT (SMART) sub groups STAR (reading levels) Classroom grades Classroom/Benchmark Assessments SuccessMaker READ 180 FAIR Assessments ThinkLink

8 Teacher Improvement What must students learn? What does effective instruction look like? How is mastery assessed?

9 Data Team Priorities Help teachers identify sub groups Help teachers identify strategies to address student needs –Learning Communities –Book Studies –Training, Mentoring Help teachers identify ways they can monitor the progress of their sub groups

10 Special Considerations When Monitoring Improvement –What were the standards taught? –How were the standards taught? –When were the standards taught? –What was the frequency taught? –What did more successful teachers do?

11 Part II Professional Development Goal S pecific in terms of target area for improvement and be written in the future tense. M easurable in terms of the desired improvement in student performance. A ttainable in light of available resources and conditions. R elevant to continuous quality improvement of instruction and student performance. T rack able with the context of flexibility and shall specify a completion date.

12 Data Team Priorities Use Reading, Math Coaches, Academic Intervention Specialists to provide training and facilitate learning communities to address student needs School Needs Assessment Form should reflect teacher PDP needs (Inservice Reps)

13 Sample PDP Goals Blue Sheet

14 PDP Goal Writing Activity 1.Using real-time teacher data from your school on SMART select a teacher and evaluate current student data –Write practice goals based on the data and what you have learned today 2.Create an action plan for your Data Team to begin helping teachers analyze data and write PDP goals (October 23 rd )

15 Good Luck!

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