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Koit Korela Kanepi Gymnasium. Keypints  Cars  Dumps  Factories  Mines.

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1 Koit Korela Kanepi Gymnasium

2 Keypints  Cars  Dumps  Factories  Mines

3 Cars  Cars burn fossil fuels and whenever you burn fossil fuels, you release carbon dioxide.  Besides carbon dioxide, there are also a lot of sulphur and nitrogen oxides released. Sulphur dioxide can contribute to acid rain, which could destroy vegetation, which would increase topsoil.

4 Dumps  Gases  Bacteria  Greenhouse Effect

5 Gases  When garbage is decomposing it’s releasing toxic gasses like CO2.

6 Bacteria  Bacteria in the soil, break down organic matter in the landfill, such as vegetable peelings. As they do so, they release methane gas.

7 Greenhouse Effect  The Greenhouse Effect is caused by so called 'greenhouse gases' in the atmosphere. These gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapour amount has grown really fast over last decade.

8 Factories  Factories pollute the air by pumping out chemicals that are harmful for all the living things.That is why there is acid rain and global warming.  Factories can pollute the environment through thermal pollution, chemical pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, for a few examples.

9 Thermal pollution  Thermal pollution is when hot water is dumped into cool water in a river, lake, pond or bay. The difference in temperatures can promote algae growth, kill of native fish or wildlife, or it might cause disruptions in the water that causes the water to change temperature, also causing major problems with wildlife.

10 Chemical Pollution  Chemical Pollution is when chemicals are exposed to the environment, either by dumping them into sewage plants, where excess waste ends up in the ground.

11 Air and noise pollution  Air pollution is when pollution is mixed in with the air.  Noise pollution is when a factory causes a lot of noise... enough to effect the surrounding environment.

12 Mines  Mining companies are not protecting the waterways near their mining operations. Mining companies dump more than 180 million tons of dangerous waste each year into rivers, lakes and oceans worldwide.

13 Summary  To sum up i think that people could be more careful with the enviroment.

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