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Video Games By Richard Tran and Renz Moraga 8 th Grade.

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1 Video Games By Richard Tran and Renz Moraga 8 th Grade

2 At Home After school,go home and play video games MS of Mom A shot of kid getting scolded by mom A ms of kid and mom Song Bells/Video Game Music Did you do your Homework?! You know youre not suppose to play until you do youre done with youre homework.! Aw mom I can do it later tonight. No! You do it now!

3 At Home/School Kid listen to mom When mom leaves he starts playing again. Next day at school teacher tells students to turn in homework Shot of teacher asking where is kid homework Okay Mom.Fine Ill do it now. Game music plays Next day at school.Bell rings. Turn in homework students. Where is your homework young man?

4 Consequences Teacher tells student to stay in lunch recesses-First offense Shot of teacher asking questions. Teacher calls mom and tell her to check homework every night. Stay in lunch I need to talk to you. Does your mom checks your homework every night? Hello is this the parent of Richard?Hi, Im Richards teacher and Im here to inform you about Richard not doing his homework. I would like to ask you to check his homework every night. Thank you and good-bye.

5 Consequences 2/credits Arrives at home. Mom comes and scolds Richard. Credits Hi mom, Im home. Im very disappointed at you.Next time, do your homework and show it to me before you play. song

6 Addiction

7 Death Occurrences by Video Games There was a tragic death yesterday in Singapore. This man had been playing for 24/7 and constantly died. We suggest you to

8 Violence in Games

9 To doDone correctl y Done Incorrec tly Not done yet 1)File name – Grade + name x 2) webx 3) Introx 4) Scene 1 -x 5) Scene 2x 6) Scene 3x 7) Extra Credit - researchx Teacher – mid assessment 8/3/06

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