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Stevenson Middle School 2007-2008 Presentation by Charles Souza.

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1 Stevenson Middle School Presentation by Charles Souza

2 Sort out quarterly benchmarks by months Create monthly assessments Collaborate with grade level department members Analyze results

3 7.4.1Determine how measurements, such as perimeter and area, of common shapes (e.g., squares, rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, circles) are affected when one of the attributes is changed in some way 7.4.2Uses ratios and proportions to relate a scale drawing to the actual object 7.4.3Use known measurements (e.g., radius) to calculate desired measurements (e.g., circumference and area) of circles 7.5.1Apply the concept of similarity to solve problems 7.6.1Describe changes in size between a given figure and its dilation 7.8.1Use coordinate geometry to determine the change in size of a figure that is dilated by a scale factor October November December



6 Introduce Cornell Note taking format Use format for notes and homework

7 Student 1Student 2

8 Student 1Student 2

9 Student 1Student 2

10 Student 1Student 2

11 Student 1Student 2

12 Student 1Student 2

13 Students work in groups Students present their work to the rest of the class Students ask questions and learn from each other Teacher facilitates and helps to make connections


15 People learn about… 10% of what we Read 20% of what we HEAR 30% of what we SEE 50% of what we both SEE & HEAR 70% of what we DISCUSS with others 80% of what we EXPERIENCE personally 95% of what we TEACH to someone else Adapted from Eldon Ekwall, 1974

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