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Physics Projects Research / Paper / Demonstration.

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1 Physics Projects Research / Paper / Demonstration

2 Some Topic Ideas The Physics of: Hovercraft Bridges – Suspension Bridges – Cantilever Orbits – Satellite / Moons / Planets Wind Generators Hydropower (generators) Rockets Car Crashes Radio Tides *** Flight (airplanes) Telescopes (optical) Trebuchets and Catapaults ***Warning – tides are not done well in many textbooks! It is overly simplified in a Physics-World / Water-World concept

3 Physics of??? What? None of these things are simple – but they can be broken down into simpler parts to figure them out. For some of these, engineers understood the physics to be able to construct real things. (power stations, airplanes…) – for others, it was the joy of finding out – to begin with (orbits) but it yielded a technology (satellites) So, figuring out the sub-pieces – and put them together!

4 Sub-Pieces? I-beams Torque Inertia Gravity (Newton) Inverse square laws Forces Electrical and Magnetic Fields interacting (Maxwell) Arthur C Clarke – inventor of the Geosynchronous Satellite Christopher Cockerell – inventor of the hovercraft

5 What do you have to do? Paper – with references / bibliography / webliography Demonstration / Model of your topic Short (5 minutes) presentation of your topic. (10 if you want) Demo/Model/Presentation could be a powerpoint…


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